Tough Stuff

Highs and lows

I may be bipolar. I always have ups and downs. Sometimes I hate the world and everyone in it. Other times I'm in a high where I feel so great that nothing could go wrong.

I constantly switch from these high and lows throughout the day. I've even been in a low so long I started to cut myself.  Every time I'm in a low I always feel that no one can bring me back up. I start to look at everything that is wrong with me. That I’m ugly, too big, not smart enough, etc. When I'm in a high I feel amazing. How do I stop these intense mood swings and stay grounded?

- High&Low

So sorry to hear about the rough sitch. I know some people with depression, and it's a super tough place to be in. Even when you're not having ups and downs, it's always good to have someone that you feel like you can talk to. Whether that person is a friend, parent, or even a counselor, find someone you trust 100%.  If they know how you've been feeling, they'll totally understand and be more than happy to help you through it!

Unfortunately, sometimes venting isn’t enough. If your lows are so bad that you started cutting yourself, you’ll probably want to go talk to a doc. Getting a counselor or psychiatrist involved can be scary and nerve-racking, but just keep in mind that they are there to help you. Ya know how BAD it feels to be out-of-control? Just think of how GOOD it'll feel to be in control of your feelings and yourself after you've talked to a pro. Plus, your doc will be able to diagnose you and help you out if you definitely are bipolar.

Once you’ve found a person who you’re comfy talking to, find ways to better yourself. Write all your bad thoughts down in a journal. Then, make a list of all the things that you LIKE about yourself and your life. Rip up the bad thoughts and throw ‘em away, then hang up your GOOD list. Make a cool collage with fun pics of your friends, silly cards or trinkets from cool vacays, concerts or inspirational sayings from magazines. It'll make you smile every time you see it. Distract yourself by going for a run, joining a club (new friends and new hobbies always amp up your self-esteem) or hanging out with your BFF. I know you can stay grounded, girlie. Good luck!

~Kristen Y.

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7/28/2009 7:00:00 AM