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My Friend's 'Rents Are Divorcing

One of my close friend's parents are getting a divorce. I just found out from my little sister, who is best friends with her little sister. How can I help my friend through it?

- Concerned Cutie

Stick with her, girl! Props to you for being a great bestie and wanting to help your bud through this. This is the time to show your friend how supportive you can be.

There’s going to be tons of tension in a household where the ‘rents are divorcing, so what your friend needs the most now is comforting. Be kind, cool, and available, but don’t push her to talk about it if she doesn’t want to. When parents decide to divorce it can be tough for the whole family because everything that is so familiar changes, so help your friend remain positive and hopeful. She may need to vent and you should listen to her and assure her know that she will be ok. I'm sure her parents have thought long and hard about this decision, so your friend just has to stay strong and motivated.

Try your best to keep her occupied. Invite her to a movie, plan a fun weekend sleepover or find a club at school that she or the two of you would like to join. Taking her mind off things can help de-stress your girl.

Don't forget a guidance counselor can come in handy too since your friend is bound to have some qs that you won’t be able to answer. Offer your attention, your shoulder to cry on and your positive words in order to help your friend get through this.

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3/10/2009 7:00:00 AM