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GIRL TALK: Moving Girl

O.K. so my dad has gotten transferred to Texas, I am very sad to be leaving my friends and all. I am afraid to be going to a new school and starting all over, the school is really really really big. I am starting in the middle of fall. I am most afraid of what people will think of me you have to help me please. Please help me I start school next Monday.
-Love Moving Girl
Whip out the celly because it’s time to fill your address book.  A really, really big school means many, many more peeps to hang out with.  Though it might seem hard, moving can be fun.   Make the best of this experience for yourself and your dad by seeing the move as a good thing. 
You get a chance to travel and to explore, and that in itself is pretty cool.  Think about it this way you’ll have the advantage over a lot of kids at your new school just because of this big moving experience that you’ll have to talk about.  I know that leaving your old budds can be tough, but who says that you can’t keep in contact with BFFs from a distance.  That’s the beauty of technology, communicating with almost anyone, anywhere is made easy. 
Fear causes lots of girls to miss out on great opportunities.  Step outside of that comfort zone yours.  Introduce yourself.  Talk to people.  Let them know that you are new to the area.  Join a club at school, participate in some sort of extracurricular activity, and don’t be afraid to ask a group if you can join them for lunch. 
Take this opportunity to show everyone how fabulous you are.  Since no one knows you, they have no real reason not to like you, especially if you show confidence.  And remember that you’re not the only one who has fears of attending a huge school.  Most people become tensed with environmental changes but you can’t accomplish anything if you let that tension take control.             
Strut into the building like you own it and you will.  Do not dare to walk through the doorway like a turtle with your head tucked and your mouth shut, show some teeth, be talkative, and remember that most of the kids at that school are just as worried about being liked as you are.  Name someone who doesn’t want to be liked?
Your girlie pal,
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11/4/2008 12:31:00 PM