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So you embarrassed's how to cope

Let's be real: who *doesn't* embarrass themself from time to time? Tbh, embarrassment is just another one of those universal feelings that make us human. It's totally normal...but still not a very fun experience. Wondering how to feel better when you fall in front of your crush or drop your water bottle in the middle of the hall? Keep reading for all the fixes to embarrassment everyone could use in their life. 

Laugh it off

Sometimes, the best way to play off a tiny embarrassing slip-up is to simply laugh it off. Own and admit your embarrassment by recounting the sitch to your besties. You'll be sure to get a good laugh out of it (and possibly a new inside joke). Plus, you'll realize it prob isn't as big of a deal as you'd initially thought.

Remind yourself that you're human

The most important thing to remember if your cheeks turn pink with embarrassment when you messed up your history presentation or blurted out something weird to your crush? You. Are. Human. Humans make mistakes. And don't you forget it! 

Try positive affirmations

Focus on the positive. Reminding yourself of everything you heart about yourself in the form of positive affirmations (say 'em in the mirror, in your head, to your pet, write them down...the possibilities are endless) can make you forget the negative thoughts clouding your head after an awkward moment.

Look at the bigger picture

PSA: You are on a floating rock in outer space. In essence, things aren't always as big as they seem. Spilling tomato sauce on your white shirt may feel awful in the moment (and for the rest of the day...) but in five years from now? You may not even remember it happening.

Take some deep breaths

Breathe. You will make it through whatever comes your way. You may feel like crawling into the deepest hole or running away to cry (and that's completely normal) but you have the power to breathe through it, too. Scan through your body and breathe into those areas that may have some extra tension (think: the neck and shoulders tend to carry stress). Don't be afraid to let some oxygen ease your mind in the moment.

Talk it out 

OK. So you laughed with your bestie, you wrote down like 100 affirmations, you took some deep breaths...but if you still can't shake the awful feeling of embarrassment? There's no shame in turning to someone you trust (like an older sib, a parent or school counselor) to talk it through on a deeper level. Chances are, getting it off your chest will make you feel much better.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 2/26/2023