Back-to-school supplies that give total #studytok vibes

Lofi-music. A cute bev. Soft lighting. A seemingly endless array of multicolored pens. 

We all wished our notes looked as cute as the #studytok girls' on TikTok. They have clean, college-ruled notebooks and the most aesthetic desktop home screen. There's a reason the hashtag has amassed over 14 billion views. 

@virgohabits spencer hastings said it best ☕️ #studymotivation #studytok #studywithme #rorygilmore #spencerhastings #unistudent #collegestudyroutine ♬ spencer hastings once said - alexa esco

With back-to-school szn in our sights, it's def time to revamp your school supply selection. Why not channel your inner #studytok girlie with some adorable yet durable new supplies? That's why we've rounded up some of the cutest BTS necessities. Your notes will be oh-so Insta-worthy. Trust us. 

Mindliner brush markers

The holy grail highlighter collection. Part marker, part highlighter, these double-ended brush pens will instantly elevate any note-taking task. They're super popular among the #studytok community because of their wide range of color options—not just your typical yellows and pinks. We're particularly obsessed with the purple and blue shades. Your history notes just got a makeover. 

Amazon, $10

Decomposition notebook

Helping the environment and your aesthetic blossom? We're into it. These adorable Decomposition Books come in a variety of minimalist, earth-themed patterns. Each notebook is recycled from other materials and made sustainably in the USA whenever possible. Our fav designs include the Everglades and Humpback Whale notebooks. We heart an eco-friendly brand., $11

Pink Gingham Make-Up Bag

Pro tip: Makeup bags can double as pencil pouches—and they're usually waaaay cuter and waaaay more spacious. For the girls with a million pens, this one's for you. There are a ton to choose from, but we love this adorable (and affordable!) pouch from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. The baby pink gingham is so Barbie-coded too. 

Ulta, $11

Paper Mate Flair Pens

Taking copious notes in AP Bio but still want your cell cycle notes to look cute? Have no fear—flair pens are here. These pens come in a ton of colors and are super sleek. The best part? They never smudge. Your notes will be crisp, clean and perf for late-night review seshes. 

Walmart, $10

U Brands 2 Pocket Fashion Plastic Folder

If you could describe #studytokers in one word, it would def be organized. Keep all of your math worksheets and history review packets in one place with this floral 2 pocket folder. It's super minimalist, super low-cost and super on-trend. Spoiler alert, you might be tempted to buy more than one—but these are a need, not a want. 

Target, $3

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Slider image: @showmeyournotes


by Laila Mayfield | 9/5/2023