The cutest Barbie-inspired back-to-school items

It's Barbie movie season *and* back-to-school season: Why not celebrate both? Embrace your Student Barbie lifestyle with these *adorable* items...

Pink water bottle

YETI, $30

It's v. important to stay hydrated, regardless of what you're doing! A stainless steel water bottle is extremely convenient for classes, soccer practice and HW seshes alike—and the pink color adds the perfect touch of Barbiecore.

Milk carton pencil pouch

Amazon, $12.56

Remember those super cute Barbie breakfast items from the movie? Well, this tokidoki Milk Carton Pencil Case can hold all your pens, pencils and erasers while resembling something that would go perfectly in Barbie's Dreamhouse. We love it a latte!

Pink gingham everything, please


We're forever obsessed with Barbie's pink gingham dress, and  this gorgeous look can show up in your back-to-school wardrobe through a cute tote bag.

Thread Wallets, $25

This vertical wallet also comes in the same pattern. What can we say? Pink gingham deserves all the hype.

Disco ball bookmarks

Etsy, $5

As "Dance the Night" by Dua Lipa (from the Barbie soundtrack, ofc) is on repeat for us right now, we found these disco ball bookmarks that would make beautiful additions to your reading game. (On a side note, when schoolwork does get really busy, don't forget to take a break and dance around your room for a bit to avoid burnout.)


Pink pencils

Etsy, $3

Remind yourself of Barbie's empowering message for girls everywhere with these perfectly pink pencils. Whether you want to be Doctor Barbie, Teacher Barbie, President Barbie, Author Barbie or just Barbie, use these pencils to write down your favorite motivational quotes on sticky notes (or, ya know, just taking notes in biology).

Roller skate erasers

Etsy, $1.46

Travel to Barbieland and back with these adorable roller skate erasers! Plus, one key takeaway from the film was that no "perfect" Barbie exists. It's completely okay and normal to make mistakes, so don't let any setback discourage you this academic cycle—whether it's something that needs to be erased on paper or not.

Barbie's notebook

Cotton On, $15

An excellent way to recharge and relax during the busy year is to keep a journal. This pink Barbie journal can hold all your thoughts, mind dumps, photos or whatever you choose to share.

Did you have a fave prop/set item from the film? Let us know on Twitter @girlslifemag!

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by Lucy Ke | 8/20/2023