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Our fave moments from Greta Gerwig's Barbie

You walk into the cinema to see women and girls of all ages donning pink blouses, pink boots, pink sweatpants, pink heels, pink tees and pink dresses. The unsaid yet flawlessly accomplished dress code is "whatever pink was hanging in your closet." People are flittering about, taking photos and ordering pink treats. Pop music is blaring and balloons adorn the walls. You make your way to the theater to take your seat in a room of pink and excited chatter. It's a joyous celebration (a certified party), one whose frivolity should be cherished. It's Barbie in the summer of 2023. 

Beyond the magical experience of going to see this movie, we've collected our (many) thoughts to share some of our fave moments.

SPOILER ALERT: There are huge spoilers ahead! 

The aesthetic

Glitzy pink cars, fab Barbiecore outfits, plastic-y fake California sunsets...we were expecting perky pink glam, and the movie did not disappoint!

A lot of the promo for the Barbie movie has focused on the aesthetics, bringing Barbie's plastic Dreamhouse world to life. Between the dreamy sets and costumes (plus the *stark* contrast between Barbieworld and the Real World!), Barbie's production design made the movie a treat to watch. Brb, just heading out to find an outfit to blend in with Margot Robbie's beachy pink world!

Witty social commentary

This movie is a funny movie. However, it's better described as intelligently humorous. Every joke is layered with thoughtful wit—often relating to the film's feminist themes. Each joke is made (and laughed at) with an innate understanding of what it is to be a woman behind it. You can't help but laugh because it's so real-slash-relatable. You'll leave the theater and realize you've been laughing basically for the entirety of the movie's runtime. 

This movie is self-aware. This movie is challenging. This movie is smart. It's so filled to the brim with moments of witty laughs and jabs that it would almost be a disservice to only call out a couple as the "best" ones. You just *have* to see it all for yourself. 

Celebration of women

Now, we get to arguably the best part of this film—the celebration of women. This was a demanding project to take on, but the filmmakers could not have done a better job. 

Besides the constant flow of humor, there are a few memorable heartfelt moments. While we expected this from a film made by Greta Gerwig, she really outdid herself. 

In one of the emotional parts of the film, America Ferrera's character delivers a riveting monologue about the exhausting contradictions of what's to be expected from women. That scene not only hits the nail on the head in terms of summarizing some of the struggles women face, but also celebrates how strong women are for perservering through all of it. 

In the same scene, Barbie is crying. She weeps because she doesn't feel beautiful enough, good enough, interesting enough or perfect enough. Put plainly, it was heartbreaking. One of the most familiar characters—a character synonymous with beauty and perfection—who also happens to be a doll manufactured with perfection in mind, is crying because she doesn't feel good enough anymore.

It doesn't make any sense. And that's the whole point. Women are often made to feel like that, and a time may come in a young woman's life when her mother may have to hold her crying girl and remind her that she's beautiful and interesting. This scene feels just like that. 

And speaking of mothers and daughters, the focus on the dynamics between them is another highlight of this film. In the film, Ruth was one of our faves. As Barbie's creator, she notes how she did it all for her own daughter Barbara (yes, Barbie is named after her). It also focuses on another mother-daughter relationship between America Ferrera's and Ariana Greenblatt's characters, showing from both their perspectives the wistfulness of growing up and how that affects their relationship. You'll *so* want to give your mom a call afterward.

If you're looking for a film about women's relationships, this is the one to watch. It touches on women's familial relationships but also friendships with other gals (the Barbies would rather spend time together than with their Kens). Barbieland is a place where women hold all major roles of prominence and power. They're capable of anything and everything. There is an incredibly emotional scene (actual tears were shed) in which Margot Robbie's Barbie sees a series of girls just happily living in the Real World, and the montage is nothing short of beautiful. 

The Ken plot twist (spoiler alert!)


For a movie based on Barbie, we were NOT expecting to see so much of Ken (played by Ryan Gosling).

After following Barbie to the Real World and discovering—wait for it—the patriarchy, Ken bikes, boats and snowmobiles his way back to Barbieland to turn it into Kenland.

Even though the Barbies rise to the occasion and overthrow Ken's women-ousting scheme, we can't help but wish the movie hadn't given Ken so much screentime. He and the other Kens get a song *and* a long battle on the beach with Barbie nowhere in sight (but Ryan Gosling is funny as ever to watch). The (very unexpected) Ken plotline sheds even more light on the gender dynamics at the center of the film. 

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by Kayla Conroy and Ava Slocum | 7/22/2023