5 storage hacks to elevate your dorm room

If you're moving into college soon (which, first of all, so exciting!), it's normal to feel a bit stressed about packing. How are you going to fit everything you want to bring *plus* all the additional essentials in a shared dorm room? If you want to bring your entire summer wardrobe, a pair of shoes for every possible situation, your fave childhood stuffed animal(s) *and* half your bookcase, you'll def be needing some storage hacks. Who says storage has to be boring, though? We have some items to help save space and make organizing sooo much easier—and keep it cute at the same time! 

1. Hanging closet shelves

Amazon, $10

This hanging shelf is a must-have for your dorm room wardrobe. It's collapsible, so it won't take up any space on the ride to move in (whether you're training, planing or road-tripping). You can use it as an alternative to a shoe rack and as extra space for clothes. Your winter sweater collection will fit nicely on these shelves and it's much better than having them clog up your precious dresser drawers. It could also house random accessories, like your purse, or even a stack of books. 

2. Bed risers

Walmart, $8

Bed risers are key to elevating your dorm room—literally! Raising your bed will offer up so much more space to store things underneath your bedframe. Your laundry bin of extra sheets and towels? Check. Your hamper (so you can hide your dirty clothes)? Check. 

Tip: if your bed has a slotted frame, you may be able to raise it even higher, adding more space!

3. Storage ottoman 

Walmart, $22

A storage ottoman is the multifunctional piece of furniture you *need* to bring to college. Aside from being a not-so-obvious source of storage (it's a fab place for stashing extra blankets and pillows when you remove the lid), it has other uses, too. It can act as a seat for you or your new friends when they come over for movie night, or as a stool to help you get into bed (which will be much appreciated if you're a shorter gal and raised your bed). You can also find an ottoman in a color that'll match your bedding!

4. Bedside organizer 

Amazon, $70

This three-tier organizer is another useful dorm room addition. You can even use it as a nightstand: place a lamp on top and put a fabric bin into each shelf you want to act as a drawer. You can use them to keep all your nighttime routine essentials together and close to your bed. You may also opt to keep one shelf decorative: try displaying a fun sign and other beloved knickknacks there for all to behold. 

5. Makeup organizer

Target, $29

Tired of having to dig through makeup bags to find your fave products? Buy an organizer so that all of your makeup is out in plain sight. You can place it on your desk so all your makeup is ready to go whenever you need a quick touch-up. You'll thank us when you need to grab some mascara or your fave lipgloss while running late to class.  

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by Natalie Misyak | 8/3/2023