The study strategies that will help you shine this finals week

Winter break is just around the corner! You're *so* close to sipping hot chocolates with your besties, binge-watching your fave holiday movies and zooming around the ice rink. There's just one thing that's getting between you and complete relaxation: finals week (ugh). While those dreaded exams can be totally exhausting, they're the last step to finishing the semester out strong—so it's super important to make them count. It's your time to shine this finals szn with the help of our top tips.

Find a study group—or fly solo

Before you make your finals week game plan, you've gotta decide who you're studying with. There are *tons* of benefits to studying in a group. For example, if you're really struggling with a certain concept, going over the material with other people can help you fill in those gaps. Plus, having your classmates around will hold you accountable (no time to procrastinate here!) and add some variety to your study seshes. Ofc, studying by yourself also has its own strengths. You have much more control over what you study, and over your environment—like, maybe you're a person who works best with some background music, or you're the total opposite and absolutely need some peace and quiet. Whether you feel like a study group is more your speed, you know you're more of an independent worker or you prefer a little bit of both, having the right studying community can make *all* the difference.

Create good notes

You can't have a productive study session without some good notes. You've probably already figured out the best note-taking method that works for you, but if you're in the mood for something different, it's never too late to try out some new tricks. And plus, it's also a great excuse to break out your fave gel pens. Either way, make sure your notes are as neat, concise and organized as possible—after all, they just might be your most important study resource. Need a little more help with your notes? Check out this article!

Pick the right study spot

We can't forget the importance of the perfect study spot! And whatever you do, don't choose your bed. Not only will you feel *a lot* less productive (it's just too easy to take a power nap in the middle of reviewing your World History flashcards), but your sleep schedule will also suffer—you'll learn to associate your comfy bed with studying rather than snoozing. So save yourself the stress and broaden your horizons a little bit. You could choose to stick to home base and work at your desk or the kitchen table. Or, you might feel like you get the most work done when you head out of the house, making your local library, go-to coffee shop or fave bookstore the best place to be. But don't be afraid to switch up your study spot sometimes, too—we love a little variety!

Reach out to your teachers

OK, so it might be intimidating at first, but srsly, if you find yourself running into trouble with something, don't be afraid to reach out to your teachers. When you just can't master that difficult math concept or write the perfect thesis statement for your English essay, your teacher will be able to point you in the right direction. And since they basically designed your final, who could know better than them? While it might be tempting to make Google your BFF and search for every question you can think of, you won't regret contacting the ultimate expert on the material for some guidance. Pro tip: Once you know exactly what you need help with, try to reach out ASAP!

Take breaks

We get it: prepping for finals is super overwhelming. That's why it's extra crucial to take some breaks when you need to. Stepping away from your work for a little while will help you recharge and refocus. And everyone's different, so your ideal study break might not be the same as your bestie's—what matters most is figuring out what works best for you. From taking a walk and listening to music to grabbing a snack and spending some time with your friends or fam, there are so many different ways to squeeze in a good study break. Stay motivated—all of your hard work will no doubt be worth it!

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by Samara Smukler | 12/4/2022