How to tackle the Sunday night homework load

Sunday night—everyone's final fleeting moments of the weekend—is constantly overthrown by piles of assignments, chapters to read and projects to complete. The Sunday homework load is a plague among high schoolers, but this cursed night can be remedied by a few tricks to make the cramming much more tolerable. Here's exactly how to tackle a daunting pile of assignments.

Drink tea with honey

Unwind with a few minutes of peaceful tea-making—and add in a dash of honey for a sugary pick-me-up! Breathe in the steam, then exhale the tension and anxiety this work is giving you. Remember, no matter how tall your stack of HW measures, you've got this. Settle down with the books and your hot tea and simply begin.

Take regular study breaks 

Study breaks may seem like a waste of time during a cram session, but they are a vital way to replenish your energy when you feel yourself running out of gas. Think of this homework load as a marathon, and pace yourself throughout the assignments and tasks (you will get further in the long run). Slow the homework train to a stop at the end of a 25-minute timer, and reward yourself with 5 minutes of rest. Total rest—no phone, no judgments of your progress so far and definitely no negative self-talk. Refill your water bottle, take a short walk around the house, say hi to a furry friend and then return to whatever task you need to complete. 

Listen to the Harry Potter soundtrack

Name a better way to set the study scene than by playing some soothing tunes. You can even put in headphones to fully focus on the music and task at hand. Harry Potter not your forte? It's cool, we also love studying to lo-fi beats, classical music, oldies jams and Disney instrumentals. 

Know when to call it quits for the night

Unpopular opinion: If you really feel the exhaustion take over, allow yourself to turn in for the night. School may seem like an excuse to disregard physical health, but it's not worth it. Not to mention that your studying won't be productive if you can't even keep your eyes open. Pro tip: Get the work you need to complete out of the way first, so when you begin to crash and burn, you won't be allowing the most important assignments to suffer a late penalty.

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by Cara Lamina | 5/1/2022