Locker clean-up 101: What to toss and what to keep

Summer is oh-so-close and we can’t wait! Wanna dash out of school as fast as you can after the final bell? Then it’s time to take a sec to dig through the clutter you’ve accumulated all year and decide what to toss and what to take home. Intimidated by the mounds of last month’s math homework and the remaining shreds of your language arts folder? No worries, babe. We’re here to help!

Cute pictures of you and your friends. Keep em! Just ‘cause you don’t need the pictures in your locker anymore doesn’t mean they aren’t special. How about making a scrapbook of the past school year or framing them in your room? Even if you’re gonna take ‘em home and toss ‘em in a box, be sure to keep your pics. Trust us, you’ll love to look back one day and remember your good old school days.

Makeup you bought at the beginning of the year. Toss it! It’s not a good idea to hang on to old makeup since it starts growing bacteria after a few months. So leave your old eye shadows and liners behind, babe, and buy some fresh shades next year.

Locker accessories. This one it depends on the condition of your locker accessories. If they’re falling apart, trash them. If you bought yourself a nice locker ladder for organization and it’s still holding together, keep it and use it again next year.

Half-used notebooks and school supplies. Stumps of pencils sans erasers? Toss. Pens you’ve barely used? Keep. Paper folders that have seen better days? Toss—they’re a dime a dozen, practically. Notebooks you’ve hardly written in that are still in pretty good shape? Take ‘em home. Rumpled loose-leaf paper that never made it into your binder? Recycle. Plastic dividers, folders and other organizers? Keep. If you’re not keen on dragging your still-good stuff home, consider donating your supplies to charity.

Crumpled papers and handouts. Recycle them! It’s unlikely that you’ll need your teacher’s handouts again so rather than throwing them away, recycle them and help save the environment. Be mindful of what you’re tossing, though. That epic list of active verbs or a how-to guide to algebra might come in handy next year.


by Kara Gelber | 2/1/2016