Parents won't let me homeschool

I really want to do homeschooling! The stress of middle school is just too much for me with all the homework and remembering every little thing. I told both my parents but they said that there was no one home to homeschool me and I would forget how to make friends. But I honestly can't take it anymore!


Hey, babe. I’m sorry school is so stressful for you, but your parents have a huge point. While it might be possible for you to get a tutor or sign up with an online school, most kids that homeschool are taught by a parent. If both of yours are working, then homeschooling might not be possible for you right now.


As you grow up, though, you do need to learn how to manage stress effectively. While the workload in middle school is greater than that in elementary school, high school and college will require you to work even harder to stay on top of your classes. Check out our best tips for avoiding school stress overload…


Use a student planner

Most schools hand these out at the beginning of the year, but if yours didn’t, head to an office supply store and pick one up ASAP. Write down every single assignment and get into the habit of checking it before you leave school (so you bring home the books you need) and after you complete your homework (to make sure an assignment didn’t slip through the cracks).


Make a game plan

For tests, projects and essays, sit down with a study guide or a list of requirements and set some deadlines so you won’t be forced to work on everything or cram the night before it’s due. Nixing procrastination will help lower your stress level and allow you to turn in your very best work.


Find a stress reliever

If you’re studying all the time, you should look up from your books each day and take a break. Find something you enjoy doing, like running, playing the guitar or painting, that gets your mind off of your work. When you return to your HW, you’ll feel recharged and ready to conquer the world…or chemistry, at the very least.


Take a look at your course load

If your classes and homework are overwhelming you, it might be wise to drop a few honors courses, nix a club or two that you don’t really care about or add in a study hall. When the time comes to pick your classes for next year, talk to your guidance counselor about what you’ve been experiencing this year so that she can help you create a better schedule for you come September.


Consider seeking help

If it takes you ages to read a chapter for language arts or solve equations in math, you might want to get tested for a learning disability. LDs are quite common and there’s help available, from tutors to extra time on tests to medication.


Good luck, girlie!
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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016