How to meet your new bestie this summer

Summer = endless time for bsf bonding. (Beach days! Pool parties! Nightly ice cream runs!) But if you don't have a go-to bestie to share your vacay mems with, this szn can certainly start to feel a little lonely.

That's nothing taking some initiative can't fix! Here are some creative ways to put yourself out there and meet your new BFF this summer...

Get a summer job

Working in the summertime might seem more like something you *have* to do than something you *want* to do. But a job isn't only good for some extra cash—it can also help you meet some fabulously cool people! 

Apply for a job where people your age tend to work, like lifeguarding at the community pool, serving smoothies at the juice bar or bussing tables at your town's burger joint.

It's surprisingly simple to form friendships when you're around each other day in, day out. By the time school starts, you'll have a pile of checks...and new friends.

Meet up with your neighbors


Don't ignore the potential besties who live right next door. Next time you see your cool neighbor biking around the block, give a simple wave and introduce yourself, then ask if she wants to walk your dogs together next week. You never know how well you might get along.

Reach out to old classmates

Remember your fifth-grade BFF who you haven't talked to in ages? That super hilarious lab partner from bio last year? Your long-lost summer camp bunkmate?

Here's a little secret: You're not the only one who feels lonely rn. There are lots of girls out there just like you, who probably wish they had a close bestie but feel nervous about reaching out to anyone too. In this case, all you can do is swallow your fear and make the first move.

You can't guarantee that inviting someone over for s'mores or asking if they want to go thrifting together will work, but you can't be sure if you don't try!

Join a fun club


It's easier to click with people when you have the same interests. To find people who could be your forever besties, join a themed group. This could look like signing up for a local book club or trying out for a dance squad. Not only will you have a blast doing something you heart, but you'll also get to hang out with other gals your age who have the same passion (aka the perfect starting point for new convos!).

Accept invitations

Come summer, the invites for grad parties and neighborhood BBQs come pouring in. There are a lot of reasons you might *not* want to go—maybe you're prone to social anxiety, or you feel like you have nothing to wear—but making friends is all about exposure.

The more people you hang out with, the closer you are to finding your bestie. Don't block your BFF blessings by locking yourself inside all day. Get out there and interact with people, even if it seems scary at first. You can do this!

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Top image: @livmangrum
Slider image: @charlidamelio


by Hana Tilksew | 6/5/2024