Weekday hangouts to plan when you have school tomorrow

"Don't stay out late, it's a school night!"

We've all heard it before. It can be so discouraging when you want to hang out with your friends and Mom and Dad want you home early.

But just because it's a school night doesn't mean that you can't have a fun time with your besties! Here are seven weekday-friendly hangouts that will make both you and your parents happy...

Blind karaoke night

While we might not all be singers like Renée Rapp, that doesn't mean we can't pretend we are. After school, meet up with your besties for the newest TikTok trend, blind karaoke. Take turns sitting facing away from the TV and try your best to sing along to favorites (seriously, it's a lot harder than you think!). 

No, the lyrics to Taylor Swift's "Red" aren't "loving him was red," it's actually "burning, it was red." Yep, we were shocked, too.

Crochet headbands


what ive been up to recently:

♬ new romantics sped up - r & m <3 ⸆⸉

Both hair accessories and crochet are 'in this year, so why not combine the two? Grab some hooks and yarn, pull up a tutorial and DIY some stylish headbands. Match with your BFFs or choose your own designs—you really can't go wrong.

Disney movie night with food from the film

Take your movie night up a notch. Choose your fave Disney flick and plan your dinner around the featured food. Think Toy Story with your very own Planet Pizza and alien cake pops or Beauty and the Beast with crepes and the iconic gray stuff (made with vanilla pudding and crushed up Oreos, ofc). 

While you may not have a 3D movie theater at home, snacking on foods inspired by the films will make it feel like you've jumped right off the couch and into Andy's playground. 

Hot girl walk


Sometimes all you need is a good debrief session. And what better way to catch up with your friends than with a hot girl walk? As soon as you finish your HW, put on your cutest matching set and hit the path. If you're all talked out, sync your headphones and listen to your favorite playlist—or even curate a shared one beforehand. 

Reading date


Start your very own mini book club and meet up with your besties for a few hours of reading. Whether you fully commit to the book club vibes and read the same book together or each bring your own current read, this is def a bucket list weekday activity. If you have extra time and the weather is on your side, grab a picnic blanket and take your reading date to your nearest park for a book picnic. 

Paint night

Wind down after a long day of classes with a relaxing and artsy activity. Before getting started, craft up a Shirley Temple with lemon-lime soda, grenadine and, ofc, extra *extra* maraschino cherries. Then, pull out the canvases and paints and get your Bob Ross on.

Freehand it, watch a painting tutorial or even opt for a paint-by-number. Whatever path you take, we guarantee you'll want to make this a weekly event—even if you can't quite get your shading right. 

Vision board night


This year is all about making your goals come true, and what better way to manifest your success than with a vision board? Depending on how you're feeling, choose either a virtual vision board or poster with all your print-out dream pics. Dream vacay? Add it. Dream job? Add it. Favorite food? Why not, who wouldn't want to manifest eating the best food all year 'round.

Vision board nights are a great way to collaborate and help your friends dream up their best self. Once you finish, hang it up in your room, put it in your locker or make it your phone lock screen—and remind yourself every day that your goals are right around the corner. 

Top image: @maddieziegler
Slider image: @carolinemanning


by Katherine Mahoney | 2/5/2024