We just planned your perfect schedule for National Best Friends Day

June 8 is National Best Friends Day! Whether you get to spend the entire day with your bestie(s), or you're on vacation with the fam while one of your BFFs is at home taking summer school classes (ugh, bummer), we have the *perfect* plan to help you celebrate. Because no matter if you're together or apart, your BFFs deserve allll the love.

Scroll on for an hour-by-hour guide to the cutest National Best Friends Day ever...

Right when you wake up

Start off the day by sending your besties a sweet text about how much they mean to you. It's great to wake up to a text from someone you care about—and your gals will def appreciate the thought behind your kind words. (Bonus points if you add a cute cat GIF, because, why not?)

11 a.m.

If you and your BFFs live close by, meet up for a summer brunch. Whether you DIY toast and smoothies or go out to your neighborhood coffee shop or diner, brunch is a fun (and classy) way to hang out with your squad. Besides...brunch is a great excuse to put together a fancy fit! Take plenty of pictures with your BFFs if you're dressed to the nines.


2 p.m.

Separated from your BFFs this summer? If National Best Friends Day finds you far apart (or you're just too busy with classes, summer jobs, and soccer to spend time together IRL), check in with your crew with a FaceTime or phone call. You can catch up on what you're up to this summer (yep, that includes dishing about your new crush from the pool). Because while we love the convenience of texting, there's just something special about hearing your bestie's voice.

5 p.m.

If it's sunny outside, or if you're still stuck in the June Gloom, a bestie walk will bring major good vibes. If your girls are available, invite them over for a neighborhood stroll. Or, if you're up for it, meet at a park or hiking trail. You can also bring snacks and set up a mini picnic—or have an impromptu Insta photo shoot (check out some pose inspo here).


8 p.m.

The last thing on today's agenda? A Thursday movie night to round out the day (and welcome in the weekend). With Netflix's Teleparty and other streaming services, you can watch a movie at the same time—even if you can't hang out in person. (If you don't have Netflix or a shared service, watch the movie individually and talk over Zoom or FaceTime simultaneously!) And if your movie night can be in-person, we say yes to a squad sleepover (how to host the perfect slumber party, right here).


Whether you have one BFF or five, celebrating National Best Friends Day is one way to show your besties how much you love them. IRL or virtually, there are countless ways to make today extra special—while honoring the friendship that you share every day of the year!

How are you and your bestie(s) spending National Best Friends Day? Tag us on IG @girlslifemag with your BFF pics for a chance to get featured.

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by Ava Slocum | 6/8/2023