How to rock a long-distance friendship

Did your closest friend move super far away this year? How about those girls from summer camp that you got *so* close to? It can be extra difficult to maintain relationships when there's distance between you, but have no fear. There are tons of ways to stay linked with your besties, even if they're a plane ride (or two) away. 

Start a Netflix party

If you remember this relic from quarantine, you should def revive it to connect with your long-distance besties! For those that are new to the party, this Chrome extension (now known as Teleparty) allows you to share your screen with your friends while you watch Netflix. You can even send each other your mid-show comments in real-time. Virtual movie nights FTW!

Send a book back and forth 

Have you ever adored a book so much that you just *had* to share it with someone else? We know the feeling. Start by reading a section of a book and adding your own annotations and notes. Next, ship it off in the mail and encourage your bestie to add her own thoughts to the next section. Going back and forth (and reading one another's reactions to the book) is a fab way to stay connected. It's like a long-distance reading party!

Use the Note-it App

The Note-it Widget is the cutest activity for all you artsy duos out there. Simply draw a little illustration, note or even a simple smiley-face for your pal, and it will show up on her home screen. Sending adorbs drawings throughout the day is akin to passing those hilarious notes in math class. Your hand-drawn messages are sure to make your miles-away bestie feel right at home. 

Facetime GRWM

OK, every girl knows that the absolute *best* spill seshes happen when you're getting ready for the day together. (After all, there's a reason why Alix Earle's GRWM vids are so popular.) If you and your long-distance BFF have similar schedules, try to plan a FaceTime "Get Ready with Me" convo. You can bounce around outfit ideas, learn makeup hacks and have high-quality bonding time, all while prepping for school, work or whatever the day might bring.

Make a shared playlist

While it can be fun to just stalk your bestie's Spotify activity (and we are sooo guilty of this), it's even better to make a shared playlist. That way, both of you can pay attention to things like what T-Swift song the other can't stop listening to. Whether you have identical tastes in music or preferences that couldn't be more different, a collaborative playlist allows both of you to learn more about each other and find new jams in the process.

Stay consistent

One of the most challenging things about maintaining a long-distance friendship is making a consistent effort to talk. When home life gets busy and other friends get in the way, it can be difficult to find time for you and your far-away friend. But this doesn't have to be the case. By scheduling weekly video calls or planning your next in-person meet-up, you and your BFF can stay connected. 

If it feels like its been a while since your last convo, don't hesitate to reach out. Send them a text that shows you're thinking of them or ask what they've been up to. DW about feeling awkward, bc your long-distance bestie probs misses you too. 

How do you and your long-distance BFF stay connected?
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by Laila Mayfield and Julia Szymanski | 4/26/2023