How to rekindle an old friendship

Whether it's because of the transition from middle to high school or because you no longer have the same interests or mutual friends, there's no doubt that a fading friendship can sting. Sometimes, it's healthy to take a step back from a bestie. If someone ever makes you feel anything less than loved and appreciated, you don't need their negativity in your life. But if you miss being as close as you used to be with an old BFF (who was nothing but positive), we're here to tell you that you *can* rekindle that friendship. You never know—they may feel exactly the same way as you.

Consider why you drifted apart

Ask yourself why you grew apart from this friend in the first place. Did you both get super busy? Did you get into a fight? Did your friend groups change? Whatever the reason, keep it in mind as you try to rekindle the friendship. If you ended on a not-so-great note, it's OK to feel like you need to brace yourself for the worst when you reach out. You can't control how they react, but as long as you're nothing but kind, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Send them something that reminds you of them 

Step one: take the initiative and make the first move! Our advice if you're stuck on how to strike up a convo? Send them anything that reminds you of them (memes, songs and funny TikToks that match their vibe never fail). Chances are, their face will light up when they get that notification from you.

Share a funny memory 

The next time you run into them—especially if things start to get kinda awkward—is prime time to reminisce and share something that will make you both laugh. Whether it's reliving the time you spilled an entire iced coffee in the hall or recounting the awkward thing you said to your crush, looking back on funny memories won't ever disappoint.

Be proactive and plan something fun 

So you've talked over text and are on wave-in-the-hall terms...but now what? It's time to do something fun! Make a plan to go to the mall, host a movie night, go bowling, have a bake-off...the possibilities are endless (and PSA: you won't have to break the bank to have a blast). Taking the first step to make a plan isn't always easy, but trust us when we tell you that it'll be *so* worth it.

Introduce them to the rest of your crew 

If you've drifted apart because you've started to hang with other people, why not combine groups for your next hangout? It's likely that everyone will get along better than you might expect. Make a giant group chat and never look back! 

Remind yourself why you were friends in the first place!

Your past self must've had *some* reason for becoming friends with this person. Maybe you adore their kind and bubbly personality. Maybe they're an awesome listener and you admire how loyal they are. The most important thing when returning to an old friendship is to stay true to yourself and make sure that they'll add nothing but positivity to your life.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 3/24/2023