Get these music-themed gifts for the fangirl in your life

Have a bestie that's consistently in the top listeners of their fave artist? Who is never seen without headphones in? Has hundreds of playlists? We've got the best gifts for them, no matter who tops their Spotify Wrapped. 

For the Swiftie: 

"Getaway Car" keychain

Etsy, $20

Whether your BFF is entering her "reputation" era, or just wants a cute keychain for her car, this is the perfect Secret Santa gift for all the Taylor fans out there.

"All Too Well" candle

Etsy, $18

Um, a candle that's supposed to smell like the best song on "Red (Taylor's Version)"? Sign us up.

For the Billie Eilish fan: 

"Happier Than Ever" art print

Etsy, $13

This poster will make the perfect addition to any Billie fan's room!

Vintage ticket sticker

Etsy, $2

With the vintage vibes of Billie's "Happier Than Ever" era coming through strong with this sticker, it makes the perfect small gift for your or your fave Billie stan. 

For the Olivia Rodrigo fan:  

"SOUR" macramé car charm

Etsy, $19

Got a bestie who just got her "drivers license"? This is the perf decoration to jazz up all her car rides to Malibu. 

Album receipt tote

Etsy, $12

The next accessory for her Insta photoshoot is one gift away. 

For the Harry Styles fan: 

TPWK hoodie

Etsy, $26

Cozy and cute, this sweatshirt is what your BFF will want to unwrap at your holiday party. 

Love on Tour sticker

Etsy, $4

Whether or not your bestie was able to snatch a ticket to Harry Style's tour, a sticker of one of his fashionable tour outfits will deck out her water bottle *and* show off her fave singer. 

For the guitar girls: 

Guitar string bracelet

Uncommon Goods, $38

Handmade with a reclaimed guitar string, this bracelet is the perfect addition to the the jewelry collection of your guitar-playing bestie. 

Flower petal guitar picks

Etsy, $5

These custom guitar picks might just be the *best* stocking stuffer for your BFF. 

For anyone: 

Custom Spotify keychain

Etsy, $7

Pick a song that you and your bestie love and surprise them with with super cute keychain—complete with a selfie of you two. 

With these prezzies, you're bound to get the best thank-you cards from all your fangirl friends. Happy gifting!

Slider image: Etsy | All GIFs via GIPHY


by Serena Sherwood | 12/21/2021