If I tell my BGF I dont like him back, can we still be friends?


It happens to the best of us—a person begins falling for someone, but the feelings aren’t mutual. It might feel like the end of the world, and the worst part is telling that person you don’t like them back, *especially* if you two are super close. Or even worse, BFFs. 

But it is totally possible to remain friends. You two are besties, after all, right!? You two can get through this, but be careful of how you handle the situation. 

Remember he has feelings. Sometimes, it can feel as though girls hold all of the emotion, that is not true. He has spilled his heart to you, and even though you wish to remain only friends, make sure to say it in a way that doesn't break his heart.

Most importantly, don’t lead him on. Be straight forward from the beginning so he knows that you just want to remain friends. Otherwise, things can get very complicated and his feelings for you might continue to develop to the point where you simply cannot be 'just friends' again. 

If you start to gravitate away, it’s OK. There’s a bump in the road and both of you need to pass it. It could be a while, but if you’re true BFFs, things will go back to normal. Just give it time...and give both of you some space.

If he handles it negatively, act accordingly. In bad situations, you can determine whether someone is as good of a friend as you thought. Yes, you have to understand his feelings, but he needs to accept yours as well. If he cannot accept being ‘just friends’, then respect that and move on.

 Has something like this ever happened to you? Tell us your story below!

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by Ellie Pesetsky | 6/26/2017