Balancing your BF and BFF just got a *lot* easier


Entering a new relationship can be super much so that it can be easy to forget about your friends. Or vice versa: It's a challenge fitting your new BF into your already-packed schedule. You can end up getting carried away at the mall and forget that you should’ve been primping for a date. Splitting time between your BF and your BFFs isn't easy, we get it. Here are five tips to help ensure you aren’t giving anyone the cold shoulder.

1. Split your time.
When the weekend rolls around, it is good to have idea of how you’re going to divide your time. If you and your BF made plans for mini golf for Friday, ask your BFF to hang out Saturday. Going into the weekend with a plan ensures that you won’t leave anyone out. 

2. Stick to the plan.
If you and your bestie decided to go ice skating Sunday morning, consider that plan set in stone. So if your BF offers up tickets to the amusement park for Sunday morning, you need to remember that you already had plans with your BFF and consider how you would feel if she cancelled on you. Although it is sometimes tempting, don’t blow off your BFF to make other plans with your BF. Make sure that if you promise someone a little quality time, you see to making it happen.

3. Ask how they're feeling.
Your BF and BFF are two of your favorite people in the world, so it is natural that you would want to spend time with them together. Although hanging out in a trio sounds great, it can often leave someone feeling a little bit neglected. Even though your BF and BFF get along great, it might annoy him if she tags along on every date, just like it could annoy her if he comes on every trip to the mall. To prevent this, check in with them both beforehand to make sure nobody’s going to feel like the odd one out.

4. Remember three is *not* a crowd.
If you want prevent someone from feeling like a third wheel, call up some more friends. It is easy for someone to feel a little uncomfortable in a threesome, but adding some more people to the mix makes it easy to relieve a bit of the awkwardness. Making group plans also lets you make time for all your friends. 

5. Make the first move.
If you’ve noticed that you’ve been spending a lot of time with your BF and feel like you haven’t seen your BFF in forever, make an effort to communicate. A phone call or text to your friend asking how they have been is a little gesture that can mean a lot and make sure that your not behind on any of your gossip.

If you have a BF, tell us how you balance time between your sweetie and your squad in the comments! 

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by Erin Farrugia | 5/10/2017
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