Never sit alone at lunch again with these tips

The school day is long. Sometimes it feels even longer if you’re dreading part of your day. Because you don’t always get to choose your class schedule, you might have lunch at a different period than your friends...and that means you have no one to sit with. Yikes.

Lunch should be the best part of the day. Not only do you get to feed your hungry belly but you finally get to relax midway through the school day. But not having anyone to socialize with at lunch can make the period the *least* relaxing of the day. If you’re having trouble finding a caf crew, read our tips below.

Don’t change the period.
It’s probably so tempting to want to change lunch periods. But getting scheduled to the one your friends are in can’t always be the solution. Know that you’re strong and brave and you can get through this.

Scope out the cafeteria.
Before you’re afraid you have nobody to sit with, look around and see if you’re missing anyone you might already know. There are corners of the cafeteria you may not see as well as others so, take a lap around. Who knows who you will find? 

Note people you have class with.
If you notice someone you kind of know that you have class with outside of lunch, there’s already something you have in common. Approach that person and mention you saw them during lunch and that you’d love to sit together in the future. 

Introduce yourself.
Walking up to a group at lunch with a smile and your name shows that you’re sweet and polite. Say something like, “I noticed you have an open seat. Do you mind if I sit with you?” 

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Ask to join.
Asking to sit with a group of people who are already friends can feel scary. Remembering your confidence can only benefit you. You’re a great girl and there’s no chance they wouldn’t want to sit with you. They just don’t know it yet.

Make new friends.
If you can get through approaching someone about sharing a lunch period, you’re already one step ahead. Sitting with them every day is such an easy way to begin a beautiful friendship. Later, you can even introduce your new friends to your other friends.

Welcome others.
Once you’ve got your spot in the cafeteria, be mindful of those around you that still might not have one. Remember that you were once in their place. Making it easier for them to find a table will make both you and them feel good inside.

Who do you usually sit with at lunch? Share in the comments! 

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by Gabby Regalbuto | 3/24/2019