How well do you *really* know your BFF? Take the challenge to find out!


So you think you know everything about your bestie? Well this fun game, called the Best Friend Challenge, will test your knowledge on personal facts and trivia about your BFF. The best friend challenge is popular among YouTube stars (and celebs like Shay Mitchell), along with the sibling challenge and the boyfriend/girlfriend challenge. It may seem easy at first, but some of the questions will make you think. So grab your BFF and test your skills on the some of the questions from down below. Bonus: Add your own question to make it more personal!

How to play:
There are no specific rules to playing the game and all you really need is you and your BFF. You can write down the answers and guess what each other wrote or you can just ask the questions to each other and say them out loud. To add a twist to the game, if one of you gets a question wrong, you owe the other one a coffee at Starbucks or dibs on next Friday's movie.

When and how did you  first meet?
If they could go any place on Earth, where would it be?
What is their favorite food?
What is their dream job?
Who is their celebrity crush?
What are your best friend's parents names?
What is your best friend really bad at?
Can you describe your best friend in one word.
What is your best friend's favorite season?
What is your best friend's most embarassing moment?

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by Cali Drouillard | 3/1/2017