10 signs you're the Spencer Hastings of your friends


Every group of girlfriends needs a Spencershe's the one you look to when things are a mess because she somehow *always* knows what to do (PLL fans totally understand!). She's not only super smart with a vocabulary that would put your English teacher's to shame, but she's also the only one you'd trust to handle whatever "A" situation you're dealing with in your own life. Here are 10 ways to know if you're basically Spencer Hastings IRL: 

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1. You speak your mind.

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2. You are always correcting your friends' grammar.

10 ways your the Spencer Hastings of your friends 

3. You are fiercely protective of your friends.

If there's one Pretty Little Liars girl you want as your study buddy, it's the uber-brainy Spencer Hastings. Yes, the youngest Hastings daughter has "studious" embedded in her DNA — but that's not the only reason why this girl would be the perfect pe

4. Getting a B is absolutely unnacceptable for you.

PLL Spencer Hastings

5. You're not afraid of confrontation.

Pretty Little Liars Spencer Don't Let Myself Cry GIF

6. Being emotionally vulnerable and open isn't your thing.

One of Spencer's stress free moments. I chose this image of Spencer because she usually is the more stern and professional out of the liars. She doesn't really show emotion or have a sense of humor. She is always tense and I found this image rather interesting since this is one of her happy, care free moments. I love this side of Spencer and I wish we saw more of it! -Season 3 

7. You work hard...sometimes *too* hard.

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8. You are always reminding people that you're not perfect.

pretty little liars spencer hastings facetoface 

9.  You don't like being told what to do.

10. You have a strong understanding of who you are.

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by Shiran Zecharya | 2/21/2017
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