3 silly things you and your friend are fighting over--and how to stop

{Related}Busting the bestie wars is all on you…and your BFF, of course. If you’re sick and tired of bickering over nonsensical things 24/7, you’ve found the right how-to! We’re dishing the 411 on how to get over these annoying topics once and for all.

Being late

Your bud is awesome. And chronically late for everything. It doesn’t matter if it’s the movie SHE can’t wait to see or the ice cream date SHE suggested or the sleepover SHE’s been texting you about non-stop. You can pretty much depend on her to not be there at the time you two agreed upon. And it drives you up the wall. How to deal? Well, some people are just, well, late. And it stinks, but it’s the truth.

First off, try to express to her how her being late makes you feel. Instead of complaining (e.g. “It’s really annoying to be standing out here for 10 minutes before you show up”), try focusing on Y-O-U: “When you can’t get here on time, I feel like our hang-out doesn’t mean as much to you as it does to me.” And if that doesn’t work? Shrug your shoulders and adjust your arrival and preparedness time to her set-a-watch-by-it tardiness. Hey, some things just can’t be fixed—especially if you’ve gotta rely on others to take you from place to place.

Borrowing clothes

You’ve been meaning to return her favorite dress for weeks now, but it’s been hanging in your closet, forgotten, since you wore it on that awesome first date. She’s obviously peeved, but has given up asking about it. Instead, she’s getting ready to refuse your request to borrow her new earrings, Lorde CD, even that No. 2 pencil in math class. Ouch. To avoid major fall-out, just bring her the darn dress. Set an alarm on your phone for five minutes before you head out the door in the morning to remind you to grab it. Then set another one for 60 seconds before you’ve gotta go. And grab. That. Dress. See? Painless.

Boys, boys, boys

Here’s one that will truly pay off to talk over before the incident in question actually occurs. The next time you hear about a close friendship dissolving due to dude drama, take your best gal aside and tell her honestly that you’d hate to see a boy break the two of you apart. Chat about the what-ifs: What if you two like the same chap? Who gets him? Who has to move on? Do you both call it a draw and look for someone new? And once you’ve set the guidelines, stick to them. Remember, guys come and go, but your girl friends are forever!


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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016