5 sibling bonding ideas for National Siblings Day

Happy National Siblings Day! Sure, your big sis can be a *little* annoying sometimes, but she's still your built-in bestie—and today is the perfect day to celebrate your relationship. Here are some super fun, not-at-all-lame ideas for some brother-sister bonding (we guarantee it'll make your parents happy, too!).

Cook a meal together

Text your sib and design your perfect dinner in (think: apps, main course and *ofc* a mouthwatering dessert). Once you've picked your recipes, head to the grocery store and split up your list (whoever finds the hot sauce first gets dibs on the Netflix selection tonight!).

When it comes to cheffing it up in the kitchen, you could each choose a course to tackle or split the work for each menu item.

Go bowling

Whether you're a low-key pro or have never gotten a strike in your life (we kinda relate to this part), a friendly pins competition with your big bro (plus some delish bowling alley food, tyvm) is the perfect nostalgic activity you never knew you needed. 

Take a hike


Lace up your shoes, fill up your emotional support water bottle and get ready for a post-school hike. As long as April showers aren't in the forecast, a hike should tops your National Siblings Day schedule. Choose a new trail or just walk around your neighborhood—the convos will be on point, trust.

Mini road trip


National Sibling Day might fall on a weekday this year, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate a few days late. This weekend, pile into your car and go on a fam mini road trip. Go to that State Park you've been wanting to visit a few hours away, or find a picturesque town to drive to and have lunch. 

Picnic, pls

Spring = picnic szn, and what better way to bond with your sisters than to put on your cutest outfits and head to your nearest park for an al fresco meal? (Snag your fave takeout on the way to cut down on prep time!) Bonus points if you can color-coordinate your outfits for IG pics.

Top and slider image: @hannahmeloche


by Alex Marek and Katherine Mahoney | 4/10/2024