The best games for your next family game night

The long-awaited winter break is almost here! While you may be tempted to zombify your brain with social media and binge-watching 82 episodes of Friends, there are tons of other activities you can do to break that up, such a family game night! 

So make a batch of homemade hot cocoa, put on some holiday tunes and gather 'round with your fam, because we've rounded up five of the most entertaining games *everyone* will love (limited brain power required). 


Tapple, $15

Circle around the Tapple wheel and get ready for a fast-paced game that'll have you frantically shouting your alphabet answers. This game tests how fast you can shout out your response, matching a word to a category to a letter. If someone has already used "M" for mozzarella for pizza toppings, you're out of luck! Maybe try "P" for pineapple? 


Scattergories, $18

It's time for a classic! Scattergories is a witty, fast-paced game that requires a dose of creativity. This game challenges its players to write down 12 answers that correspond to a topic and a letter. 

From categories like "footwear" to "things that bring you joy," Scattergories shows you just how quickly your brain can move from topic to topic. 


Outsmarted!, $30

Grab your phone, tablet or laptop and get ready to be put in the hot seat! Outsmarted! tests your knowledge on television and movies, pop culture, sports and more and features images, song clips and videos to enhance the trivia experience. 

Even the playing field with a feature that adjusts level difficulty based on age and play with friends and family across the world—as long as they have a compatible device. 

Blank Slate

Blank Slate, $20


Great minds think alike! Or do they? Blank Slate tests players and their ability to anticipate what another person will write down. 

This game is especially easy to learn and follow along and is a quick pick-me-up when the family game night may be hitting a lull in energy. 


Telstrations, $32

We've all played a game of let's step it up a bit and turn it into a fun game for the whole fam. Telestrations is a game that will *literally* make you LOL as you try to guess what others have drawn.

The twist is in the interpretation of the pictures and words as they make their way down the line! The major surprise will come at the end, when the original phrase is revealed.

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by Karigan Wright | 11/30/2023