5 fictional mother-daughter duos that will make you want to go hug your mom

It's *way* too easy to get into silly arguments with your mom. (You two spend a ton of time together, after all.) And one of the best outlets for healing a rift? Looking to pop culture for the ultimate mother-daughter inspo. These fictional mother-daughter duos can teach us all a thing or two. And who knows: Watching one of these shows or movies with your mom just might bring you two closer, creating a space for healthy and helpful dialogue.

Donna and Sophie Sheridan - Mamma Mia!

"She keeps on growing, slipping through my fingers all the time." 

Yes, we know these are technically the words of pop supergroup ABBA, but the idea applies regardless. This duo can teach us a whole lot about growing up.

Since Sophie grew up without a dad, Donna was always there for her daughter, picking up the pieces whenever things fell apart and doing quite literally *everything* she could to make a good life for them. We all shed a tear when Donna helped Sophie get ready for her wedding day.

Your mother-daughter moment: You can never have enough time with your mom. Before you know it, you'll be leaving the nest and won't need your mom least not in the way you once did. So soak up all the time you have with her rn.

Tia, Tamera and Lisa Landry - Sister, Sister

Who said three's a crowd? 

After being separated at birth and living their entire lives away from each other, twins Tia and Tamera run into each other in a store and discover they're long-lost sisters. While Tia grew up with their mom, Tamera was raised by their dad. Once they all move in together, it was nonstop fun.

This trio reminds us that there's nothing like laughing until your side hurts with your OG bestie.

Your mother-daughter moment: Who says your mom can't be your BFF? Whether you're shopping 'til you drop or laughing to your fave rom-com, seeing your mom as your confidante will totally strengthen your bond.

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore - Gilmore Girls 

Lorelai and Rory may be mother and daughter, but they're also each other's best friends. Lorelai goes to Rory for advice just as much as Rory goes to her. And despite their age difference, they have tons in common: coffee and talking super fast, just to name two.

Your mother-daughter moment: No matter what, your mom will always be your best friend and number one fan. Through all the phases of your life, from high school drama to your first crush and heading to college, she'll always be there to cheer you on and pick you up when you fall. 

Rainbow "Bow" and Zoey Johnson - Black-ish

This mother-daughter duo is a great example that even though your mom can embarrass you sometimes, she's genuinely doing it out of love. 

Bow and Zoey have their flaws (just like anybody else!), but they help balance each other out. They always show up for the people they care about—and they do it in style. Bow is the ultimate style icon of a mother who is always encouraging her eldest daughter to think for herself and be independent.

Your mother-daughter moment: Your mom might push you out of your comfort zone or show you some tough love every once in a while, but she's doing it out of love and respect. 

Tess and Anna Coleman - Freaky Friday

You never know what it's like to walk in your mom's shoes (and vice versa). That is, unless you're Tess and Anna Coleman, mother and daughter who wake up one day to find they've switched bodies. Tess and Anna had to put their bickering aside in order to learn a life lesson—and reverse the whole switching bodies thing, ofc.

Though they had their fair share of fights, all they really wanted was to be understood. And what's a more foolproof way to understand someone else than swapping bodies with them? 

Your mother-daughter moment: You will never truly know what it's like to be your mom—and she'll never know exactly what it's like to be you. But by communicating, practicing empathy and trying to understand each other, you can get pretty darn close.

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by Grace Walker and Karigan Wright | 5/12/2024