5 cute things to do for your grandparents

Warm cookies, holiday sweaters and big hugs. Sound familiar? Grandparents are the sweetest pals around, and it's time we give them a little extra love. Here are five adorbs ways to show your elderly BFF just how much you care about them.

Create a memory book

There's one thing all grandparents have in common: They are their grandchildren's biggest fans. Nothing will elate G-ma more than a compilation of her fam's milestones and adventures. It also gives you the chance to relive some old mems! If the concept of scrapbooking intimidates you, have no fear—GL has a beginner's step-by-step guide for you. You'll be an expert in no time. 

Bake them an old family recipe

Time to call up your aunt who has that PDF of Grandma's famous cheesecake. Surprising your grandparents with a classic fam recipe will be a surefire way to brighten their day. You can even make it your own by putting a signature twist on the treat.

Make them a family tree 

Your grandparents will *love* helping out with a big family tree. Talking about passed relatives and sharing anecdotes is sure to bring up happy mems for them, and it will simultaneously give you a wholistic idea of your history. Once you've finished, you can hang it up in their home. Stylish and sentimental! 

Host a themed FaceTime

If the fam group chat is lacking in enthusiasm lately, it's time for a fun reset. Set a theme for your next Zoom with the grandparents! Plan a fancy French-inspired call with grape juice and cheese, or make arts and crafts while chatting. Maybe grab your violin and perform a personal concert! However you choose to spice up your FaceTime, your grandparents will appreciate the thoughtfulness and creativity (and you will, too). 

Become their pen pal

Letters may seem like a thing of the past to you (where do you even put the zip code?), but trust us—they mean the world to your grandparents. Penning all your thoughts, opinions and current obsessions down on paper doesn't have to be a chore. Make your letter-writing sesh super fun and therapeutic by grabbing some fancy wax seals and stamps. Jazz up the page with cute stickers and drawings, and bam! You just won the fave granddaughter award. But seriously, becoming a pen pal with your g-parents will bring you *so* much closer.

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by Julia Szymanski | 5/7/2023