Fun things to do with your family over spring break

It's the week we've all been waiting for—spring break! But what's a girl to do when your planner is totally empty, your bestie is visiting relatives out of town and you're sick of scrolling through social media for hours on end? Sounds like some much-needed fam time is in order.

You might see your family members every day, but with everyone's busy schedules, now's your chance to really spend some quality time together. Look no further for some quick and easy—but fun—ways to make your spring break a family affair!

Spend some time outdoors

There's a whole lot to love about spring—warmer weather, pretty flowers, more why not go outside and enjoy it with your fam? Whether it's going on a walk around the neighborhood with your mom, taking your dog to the park with your dad or rounding up the whole family for a road trip to the beach, getting out in nature is a great way to bond—and soak up that spring sunshine.

Unleash your inner chef

Cooking or baking together is a no-brainer for some family fun. Maybe you'll whip up your tried-and-true recipe for chocolate chip banana bread, test out the latest Food TikTok trend or go big and attempt an extravagant feast. And don't forget the best part—you get to enjoy everything you make, ofc! Bonus points if you make it into a full-on family dinner. 

Watch a show together

Sure, it might sound simple, but nothing really bonds a family like your love for a fave TV show. Decide if you're all in the mood for a more lighthearted watch, or if you need a dash of drama to keep the whole fam on the edge of their seats. Then scroll through your streaming service or channel of choice, grab your go-to snacks and get ready to debate which character on Schitt's Creek is the funniest, which This Is Us plot-twist was the most shocking or who really *should* win The Bachelor!

Get out and explore

Okay, so maybe your fam went the staycation route for spring break. But that just means you'll get to turn your hometown into the *perfect* destination instead! Grab your whole family and explore. Check out that new restaurant you've all been wanting to try, make some masterpieces together at the pottery place nearby or even get sporty with some ice skating or mini golf. Whatever you choose, get ready to have the adventure of your dreams!


It's never a bad time to give back to your community. Doing some local volunteer work is a great way to spend your spring break (and make an important impact on your community)! Pick a cause that's important to your whole family and get involved together. 

Have a game night 

Time to embrace your competitive side! Break out the board games and boxes of cards—let's get the fam together for an all-out family game night. Are you up for a Monopoly marathon, or are you pros at Uno? Ofc, you could also consider game apps or online games—then you can continue the fun all break long! After all, you've gotta see who can keep the longest Wordle streak going.

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by By Samara Smukler | 4/3/2022