10 Father's Day gifts your dad will *actually* love

Let's be real: we love the dads in our lives, but they are *not* the easiest to buy presents for. On Mother's Day, we spoil Mom with jewelry, flowers and spa dates, but when it comes to Father's Day, gift shopping is a little more difficult. So, what should you get your dad on his special day of recognition? Keep reading for 10 foolproof ideas.

The tech guy: a phone case

A new phone case is something that everyone can use, but your dad probably hasn't thought about it or had the time to buy one. This one comes in black, brown and a number of other neutral colors. Amazon, $15

The golf junkie: any golf accessory

Your dad got the golf bug? It happens to most of 'em at some point. Put some pep in his next round by getting him new golf balls, clubs or apparel. Amazon, $15

The gym rat: a fitness watch

Calling all fitness families! If your dad does *any* type of working out, or if he's interested in starting, he'll get major use out of this watch. But beware: He may be announcing his step count for the rest of your life. Amazon, $68

The caffeine addict: coffee machine

Your dad most likely already has a coffee maker, but a new shiny one will be *much* appreciated, especially if he's a 3-cups-a-day kinda guy. Amazon, $50

The homebody: a robe

This is the piece of clothing your dad never knew he needed, trust us. If your dad doesn't already have a comfy, plush robe—get on it, stat. Amazon, $22

The intellectual: a book

With summer upon us, we're sure your dad will appreciate a nice beach read. Choose one that suits his interests, whether it be cars, sports or history. Amazon, $22

The music guru: a speaker

Your dad may just use a speaker more than you think. From backyard barbequing to beach days, a speaker makes everything more lively. Amazon, $40

The sweetie at heart: framed picture

It's true what they say: some of the best gifts are the ones from the heart. Print out your fave picture (or two) together, pick a sweet frame and watch him *swoon* as he opens it. 

The sports fanatic: a jersey

If your dad's a true sports fan, he'll appreciate any type of merch from his favorite team. Think jerseys, hats, mugs—the options are endless with this one, tbh. Amazon, $20

The pool lounger: a Yeti cup

An insulated cup is a must during the steamy days of summer. A Yeti cup will work for all of your Dad's needs this season. Amazon, $30

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by Elise Jones | 6/6/2021