Your parents are giving all of their attention to your sibling. What should you do?

If you have siblings, then you've probably felt jealous at one point or another. It can be hard for parents to split time evenly between children, which can leave you feeling forgotten if it seems like your sibling is being favored. Use these tips if you're feeling overlooked and ditch that little green monster. 

Talk to your parents

This may seem like the obvious answer, but it will likely work! Invite your parents into your room and get comfy on your bed. It can be scary to talk about your feelings, however it's so important to communicate, especially to those closest to you. Your parents will never know that you're upset if you don't tell them, so make sure that you're open and honest. 

Talk to your siblings
This one may be even more awkward than talking to your parents, but it can be equally effective. You never know if your sibling may be going through something that's requiring a little more of your parents attention than usual. It's helpful to understand all sides of the story. Who knows? Your sibling may be feeling the same way as you!

Schedule bonding time 

If you're feeling neglected, go out of your way to schedule some fun activities with your parents. Even if it's just cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie, a little bonding time can help you feel so much better. Be sure to make time for each of your parents individually, and for the whole family together. 


One of the best ways to understand your feelings is to see them on paper. Turn to your journal at any point throughout this process—when you're feeling jealous, before you talk to your parents, etc. Another bonus of journaling is that you're less likely to lash out or get angry when you've taken the time to collect your thoughts privately. 

What's the biggest sibling prob you deal with? Vent away in the comments!

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by Olivia Celiberti | 3/21/2020