Expectations vs. reality: family vacay edition

Traveling around with the people you love the most always sounds super fun, but it can also bring its share of drama. Does your crazy fam vacation like ours (aka, so many kittens, err, kids crammed into a room)? Keep reading to find out...
EXPECTATION: Getting to relax in a nice hotel room

REALITY: Being crammed into a small hotel room with your entire family

EXPECTATION: Playing fun road-trip games with your fam

REALITY: Getting sick of your family after only two hours

EXPECTATION: Finding a cute foreign boy for a summer fling

REALITY: Being too busy watching your younger siblings to meet anyone.

EXPECTATION: Enjoying eating out every single meal

REALITY: Being starving from sight-seeing all day

EXPECTATION: Having all the free time in the world to relax

REALITY: Having to bring your summer reading on the trip

EXPECTATION: Getting to see all the cool sights at night

REALITY: Having to go to bed early because your siblings are young

So, what did you relate to the most? Or does your fam have picture-perfect vacations? Let us know in the comments below!


by Deanna Schwartz | 7/28/2018