Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I told my crush I loved him...but I think I spoke too soon"

Dear Carol,

For two years, I’ve had a huge crush on a popular boy. Last month he finally told me he liked me. We started playing video games, going roller skating together and doing tons of fun things. But then he texted me and said “Do you like me?” when he already knew very well that I liked him. Obviously, I said yes. Then he asked a BIG question...involving me and him together-together. Even though I was extremely surprised, I still said yes. When I told my girl group, they said to tell him that I loved him—when it was way too early. They ended up pressuring me into saying it. So I did. Now it’s kinda awkward.

- Spoke Too Soon

Dear Spoke Too Soon,

In this case, it would have been better to trust your gut, not your GFs. Because yes, it was way too soon to declare love. Now what? You could text: “I felt pressured by my friends and would like to take one step back. But let’s still get together this weekend, OK?” Clear the air. And if by “together-together,” you think he was implying taking steps neither of you are ready for, please know that you are in charge, and it’s smart to slow things down. There’s no race. And he may be getting pressured by his friends.

Carol Weston is the author of 16 books including Speed of Life (about a girl who writes to an advice columnist). More at and on Instagram @carolwestonnyc.

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by GL | 11/16/2023