Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, How can I stop fighting with my sister all the time?"

Dear Carol, 

My sister and I always fight. She gets mad and stays mad. I hate it! One minuscule mistake and she will be mad for days. I’m so tired of being apologetic all the time for tiny things that are not even my fault.

- Sister Fight

Dear Sister Fight, 

It’s not easy when sisters fight, especially when one sister wants to make peace and the other doesn’t. Fights are natural, and it’s actually rare when sisters are best friends from the get-go. (See “Sick Of My Sister.”) You probably can’t change your sister, so I hope you can get to where it bothers you less when she holds a grudge. If you’ve apologized, give her time and this will blow over. The holidays ahead may provide an opportunity for renewed closeness. Even if it feels forced at first, practicing gratitude for one another at Thanksgiving is a great exercise.

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by GL | 10/29/2023