Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, Why is my crush sometimes mean to me?"

Dear Carol, 

I feel like my crush is crushing back on me. He's pretty nice to me when we're alone, and he makes me laugh. But when we're in a room with more people, he's not all that nice to me. What does that mean?

-  My Crush Isn't Always Nice

Dear My Crush Isn't Always Nice,

I wish I were there so I could observe and opine. He might be nicer when it's just the two of you because he's shy or self-conscious and it feels easier to be nice when his friends aren't looking. But if he's not considerate at all, ignores you completely or is dismissive or unpleasant, ask yourself if he deserves your affection. (Answer: He doesn't.) Your future boyfriend should think you're great and be proud to be with you. 

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by GL | 8/18/2023