Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my friend has a new boyfriend, and I'm worried about drifting apart"

Dear Carol,

Yesterday my best friend's crush asked her out. She's liked this guy forever and I am really happy for her, but she had to cancel plans with me because of it. I don't want to feel jealous, but it's hard not to—and I don't want us drifting apart because of guys!

- Happy But Jealous

Dear Happy But Jealous,

It's natural that you're feeling jealous. You're human! But try not to let jealousy get the better of you, because it's ideal when friends support each other. Her canceling plans once is not grounds for a friendship feud. But if she keeps canceling, then you could talk to her about it. You may even want to confess that you're happy for her but a tad jealous too. She'd feel that way if the tables were turned. Happily, there's no need for her to choose between him and you. By the way, does he have any nice friends?

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by GL | 8/19/2022