Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I make friends when I'm new in town?"

Dear Carol,

I'm about to turn 16 and we just moved. I've never been very popular—and my best friend is in England for the year. I don't have any other friends or any idea on how to make friends. There's one girl who lives near me who seems nice, but I don't know if she wants to be my friend. I don't think you ask anyone, "Do you want to be my friend?" like in grade school. So how do I find out if she's interested? She has a very close friend, and I don't want to annoy them by talking to them when they only want to talk to each other. I also don't want to "steal" her best friend just because mine is abroad.

- New In Town

Dear New In Town,

I think you're overthinking this. You're right that you can't say, "Hey, want to be my friend?" But why not go with the idea that if you're friendly and fun, interested and interesting, she and her current bestie will both be glad to include you, at least sometimes? Smile and say hi to girls and guys, tell them you're new in town, ask friendly questions and find out what others like to do for fun or where they go for tacos. Compliments are good icebreakers, too. Hmm, who else is new in town?

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by GL | 6/24/2022