Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I choose between fashion and friends?"

Dear Carol,
I love being fashionable, but ever since sixth grade I worry about what other people think. If I don’t wear name brands, I think girls won’t want to hang with me or boys won’t like me.
-Other People's Opinions

Dear Other People’s Opinions,
Most boys really and truly focus on brand names; they notice girls who smile and are nice to them. And if a girl did dump you because of the letters on your jeans, well, who has time for someone that shallow? Wear what feels and looks good, then relax and think bigger thoughts. Like, what are you good at, what do you enjoy and what do you want to achieve? And what can you do to learn things, develop skills, meet people and (who knows?) even help make the world a better place? 

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by GL | 11/29/2017