Snag that dream job: I a teacher

Casey Marie, a 22-year-old from Silver Spring, Maryland, is a brilliant young woman on the path to changing the lives of young adults everywhere. Casey attended the one and only Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is now using her talents and brains to teach sixth, seventh and eighth-graders in Savannah, Georgia.
We all know how wonderful our teachers are, but sometimes we forget just how much we should appreciate their hard work and determination. They allow us to learn more through their own guidance and wisdom, and inspire us to follow our own dreams.
Read on to learn more about Casey’s story—not only will it make you want to thank your own teacher tomorrow, but it'll also help you realize how important it is to set your standards high and fight for them until you've reached 'em.

GL: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Casey: I wanted to be an engineer and a mom. I wanted to be an engineer to help design cool projects and a mom because I think that is the most important thing in the world. After working at an engineering firm, I decided that it was not what I wanted to be. But, it was a great experience and it pointed me toward a new career path--teaching.

GL: What did it take to achieve your goals?

I worked hard at everything I did--whether it was in the classroom as a student, at camp as a counselor or on the sports field as a competitor. I always gave 100 percent to what I was doing, and I did what I loved to do. There is a lot of classwork involved in being a teacher, as I am currently working towards my Masters of Education. I am constantly trying to learn new and better ways to integrate activities, technology and laboratory work into my subject areas.

GL: What's helped you to stay focused?

My family has really helped me remember what is important in life—treating others with respect and having a very hard work ethic. They have pushed me to be my best, challenged me to think outside the box, and to test the limits. Never play it safe--take chances.

GL: How has your life changed recently?

My life has changed a lot. I went from a college student who only had to worry about myself, to a teacher who is constantly worrying about my students. I always want to be a great role model for my kids, so I strive hard to be someone that they look up to. Teaching is hard work, and most of it is outside of the class room. Planning lessons and grading papers takes over my weekends, but when I see a student understand a new concept, it is all worth it.

GL: What are your goals?

Even veteran teachers who have been teaching for over 20 years are constantly improving themselves. I would love to teach for at least two years to really try and master a few techniques. Looking further into the future, I am considering moving into the administrative side, such as a principal, or attending law school in order to be a lobbyist for education on Capitol Hill.


by Lindsay Scarff | 2/1/2016
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