Be the girl who has it all

Every grade’s got one: The Totally Together Girl (or TTG for short). She’s straight-A smart, class prez and even volunteers at an animal shelter. You wanna hate her (only truth is, you kinda wanna be her). Lucky for you, we’re spilling the secrets of the Totally Together Girls.

TTG Secret No. 1: She does away with distractions
You’d so study for your trig test, but Gossip Girl is on and your pedi’s in desperate need of a top coat. What’s a girl to do? Well, TTG’s gonna focus on the important stuff—like schoolwork, natch—first. Save the toes and shows for Saturday (that’s what TiVo is for!) and tackle tasks with a definite deadline.

If you can’t seem to get organized, set reminders on a Google calendar and highlight ultra-busy days in your planner. Prioritizing—not procrastinating—will make your must-dos more manageable.

TTG Secret No. 2: She streamlines her sched
From homecoming committee to the river clean-up club, TTG seems to do it all. But she isn’t joining any old club. She has selected a couple causes close to her heart, and says oh-so-sorry to the rest.

Say you’re all about curing cancer, but iffy about public speaking. Commit to that 5K to benefit leukemia, but pass on debate club. You can give your all to what you are truly into—and stay sane, too.

TTG Secret No. 3: She stresses less
Ever wonder how TTG stays so cool, even as things get super-heated? She doesn’t take herself too seriously. She knows that a little bit of LOL goes a long way, and she’s right—studies show a sense of humor can relieve stress and lead to success.

So if your first day of dishwashing in the soup kitchen leaves ya covered  head-
to-toe in soapy water, laugh it off and go with the, um, flow.

TTG Secret No. 4: She Keeps a positive attitude
It may look like everything goes her way, but TTG has her share of not-so-great moments (hello, she’s human!). The diff? She doesn’t ditch her dreams when there’s a bit of a setback.

Next time things don’t go according to plan, take cues from TTG. Give yourself a little wallow time, then stop sulking and pursue your passion another way. OK, you didn’t make the soccer squad. Why not coach a kids’ team? You may not be the star, but you’re still gonna shine.

TTG Secret No. 5: She hollers for help
We have a news flash: TTG didn’t rocket to star status by musclin’ through every project solo. She likely has a major support network and asks for help when she needs it...and so should you.

Stumbling over a history assignment? Get tips from your teach after school. Swamped with swim practice? Ask your BFF to host the poster-painting sesh for the Blood Drive (you can return the favor later). Delegating tasks or sending out an SOS is totally OK—and one of the quickest ways to get (and stay) at the top.

TTG Secret NO. 6: She’s got killer confidence
There’s no hiding the fact that TTG knows what she wants and has the confidence to get there. Sounds a bit cheesy, we know, but believing in yourself really is the most important factor in achieving success. So even if you feel sorta shaky on the inside, self-confidence and a smile work wonders for your exterior. Just ask TTG—oh wait, that’s you!


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016