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3 tips to help jumpstart your intuitive eating journey

An honest truth? Most of the nutritional advice society gives us has to do with restriction, meaning that we're told to control what, when and how much we eat. But a new, non-diet approach to nutrition is on the rise, and it asks for no restriction whatsoever. Intuitive eating encourages using our body's internal cues that tell us when to start (and stop) eating. It allows us to look inward, focus on our actual needs and reject the ideas that diet culture feeds us. If you're looking to adopt this mentality, we've got three tips to keep in mind that help with eating intuitively.

1. Don't be afraid to challenge food "rules."


There may be moments when you start to think, "I'm not allowed to eat this food," or, "Weight loss is always healthy." Recognize that you weren't born with these ideas, and that you can *absolutely* eat any snack (from carrots to Cheetos) if it makes you feel good. Second, leaning on weight loss as a solver of all problems can be harmful. Instead, focus on eating an amount that feels good in your body, and stop when you feel full.

2. Listen to your natural hunger and fullness cues.


Your body will always tell you when to eat and when to stop. Honor these feelings to the best of your ability and, most importantly, follow your instincts. 

3. Respect and appreciate your body.


Intuitive eating is meant to make you feel good more than anything else, not twist you into an impossible shape. Although this is easier said than done, adopting this mindset is more than possible—and you deserve to feel good from the inside out. So take a minute to appreciate all that your bod does for you. By grounding yourself in gratitude, you're making a conscious decision to love the here and now...and that's pretty amazing if you ask us.

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by Lucia Kelemen | 8/19/2022