Here's the best wearable tech to track your fitness goals

Whether you're still attempting to stick to your New Year's resolutions or you're deciding that now is the time to get fit, tracking your progress is *so* important to ensure you're feeling proactive and satisfied by how far you've come.

Fitness trackers, popularized by well-loved Fitbits, are one of the most common ways to keep track of where you're at in your workout journey. From just over $40 to just under $300, here are the best trackers to fit your budget (and your tracking needs).

1. Moov Now, $42

Moov Now may not have a screen, but it's a budget-friendly choice that will do the job of a basic fitness tracker without breaking the bank. It has a great battery life, and its low price point makes up for its lack of GPS. Bright side? It's waterproof, so it's perf if you're a swimmer!

2. Garmin vivosmart, $130

Another tracker with impressive battery life, vivosmart aims to be the best pick for your goals and your budget. It's pricier than the previous band, but it still falls in a reasonable price range for the girl who is looking to get serious about her sweat sesh. It's waterproof, has a screen that shows off your heart rate and boasts a slim design, making getting fit fashionable.

3. Fitbit Charge 3, $130

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker, Graphite/Black, One Size (S & L Bands Included)

The Fitbit is practically the reason that wearable fitness tech went mainstream, so if you're looking for the OG, this is it. The Fitbit Charge 3 is the newest edition in the Fitbit franchise, so you'll totes have the best for your buck. It has 15 different fitness modes, including run, bike and yoga, so you're covered no matter how you choose to spend your day. 

4. Apple Watch Series 3, $279

This is one of the most popular—and expensive—choices for fitness tracking. The Apple Watch isn't just a fitness tracker, but also a way to answer phone calls, texts and use the apps that you'd normally have to pull out your phone for. If you want some wearable tech but need more than fitness tracking, this is the band for you!

5. Motiv Ring, $180

The Motiv Ring is sized directly to your finger, so it already feels *so* personalized. It keeps an eye on everything from sleep to heart rate, so your entire fitness process will be tracked and ready to check at your fingertips—literally. How cool is this?!

6. Amazfit Bip, $68

The Amazfit Bip looks similar to a smartwatch, which makes it more desirable than most of its competition. It has an affordable price tag for anyone looking for an entry-level tracker (especially if you aren't *totally* sure that you're on the fitness bandwagon), and it has an entire month of battery life. It also includes GPS and sleep tracking!

Once you've chosen, get to stepping!

Which wearable tech product is your fave? Share it with us below!

Photo credit: GIPHY, Amazon, Apple


by Logan Potter | 3/12/2019