September Room Decor Giveaway: Week 3 winners


Ready to give your room a total makeover? All September long, we're giving out the cutest room decor. From wallpaper to bedding sets, only GL girls will have a chance to win all month long!

September 11: Franco Minions Bedding Set from Universal

Amina F.- San Francisco, CA 

Emma H.- Volcano, CA

Lexi F.- Kansas City, MO

Mary O.- Mobile, AL 

Suhila G.- San Francisco, CA 


September 12: Botanist Candle Trio from Peacock Parfumerie

Jessica H.- Sandy Springs, GA

Samantha W.- Grand Junction, CO

Jacqueline F.- Troy, OH


September 13: KESS InHouse Abstract Geometric Duvet

Jennifer K.- San Marcos, CA 


September 14: L.L.Bean 1931 Big Ben Alarm Clock

Juliana V.- Jackson, NJ


September 15: Bolt Light Bulbs from Misfit

Tori R.- Holyoke, CO

Michelle K.- San Diego, CA

Emily R.- Claremont, CA 


September 16: $25 Throwboy Gift Card

Autumn Z.- Laingsburg, MI

Maddie M.- Poway, CA 


September 17: Boot Butler Rack

Sydney L.- Tigard, OR 

Kalea P.- Grand Junction, CO 


** PLEASE NOTE: ONLY DAILY GIVEAWAY WINNERS ARE POSTED. If you won one of our special contests, you will automatically receive your goodies in the mail. Please allow at least 8-10 weeks for your prize to be delivered. If you have not received your prize after 10 weeks, please email Girls' Life is not responsible for any prizes 12 weeks after the date you have won.


**Please be patient! We post winners every Friday afternoon and they should be up before EST**


by GL | 2/1/2016