May's Summer Fun Giveaway: Week 1 winners


It’s a scorcher out there! And we don’t mean just the temps. We’re hooking you up with the hottest trends ‘n’ threads of the summer. From the beach to the boardwalk and everything in between, you’ll be bringing the heat with these sizzling style staples.


May 1: AMICIubwear Bathing Suit

Marisa H.- Highlands Ranch, CO

Emily Z.- Fremont, CA 

Callie W.- Lawtey, FL

Skyler R.- Independence, KY 

Isabelle H.- Brooklin, ME 


May 2: ModCloth Sunglasses

Gracie P.- Mason, OH

Devon M.- Peoria, AZ 


May 3: Chikolat Pistachio Dye Bikini

Rebecca S.- Spencer, MA 


May 4: Mantra Customized ISlide Sandals

Katie T.- Boise, ID

Sydney L.- Houston, TX 


May 5: Boast Girls Tennis Flora Dress

Jewel A.- Bismark, ND

Ella B.- Allendale, MI

Nicole H.- Mundelein, IL

Reese F.- Hackettstown, NJ

Lily Y.- Tulsa, OK 


May 6: Toxic Sadie Swimwear Bikini

Olivia B.- Yuba City, CA 


May 7: David & Young Hat

Julia K.- Napa, CA

Alina L.- San Francisco, CA

Jasmine M.- Marshall, MN 

Payton M.- Vermont, IL

Lauren S.- Fort Collins, CO 

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by GL | 2/1/2016