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Here's how the solar eclipse will totally change your life

Buckle up for new beginnings and exciting changes: If you pledged to make big moves this year but things are feeling, well, kinda stuck (been there), April’s total solar eclipse in Aries will more than nudge you forward.

Caused by the moon crossing the sun (and creating a ring of fire in the sky), all total solar eclipses signify fresh starts and major shifts. And given that the April 8 eclipse is in Aries (the most action-oriented zodiac sign of the bunch), you’ll get an even more intense boost when it comes to taking risks and reinventing yourself. Tbh, you might come out of this eclipse hardly recognizing the person you were before.

So while it’s never a good idea to stare directly at an eclipse, feel free to peek a little closer into all that’s in store for your sign...


When it comes to crushes, you’re the last one to admit you have one. Typically, you can dazzle someone into asking you out. But your tactic isn’t working—and you really like this person. The eclipse (plus love-focused Venus in Aries starting on April 5) will help you gather the nerve to make the first move.

When Mercury leaves its retrograde on the 25th, you’ll have the confidence to type out that
text. And when Mars, your ruling planet, enters your sign on April 30, hit send.


You’re best known as the planner and the leader in your friend group, but the eclipse is making you question that role. When the sun enters your sign on April 19 and Venus, your ruling planet, follows on April 29, you may feel the need to stop being the one everyone looks to for, well, everything. (Pressure much?)

And when Mercury enters your sign on May 15, you’ll feel emboldened to verbalize exactly what you need to feel balanced and happy.


You can get along with anyone, which leads to lots of surface-level connections—but few deep ones. When Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde on April 1, you feel the need to be more authentic. You might open up to a friend or S.O. who has let you down, bringing you closer than before. (DW, when Mercury goes direct on April 25, it’ll be easier to talk through issues.)

By the end of May, you’ll get an extra sprinkle of luck as Jupiter enters Gemini on the 25th.


Crabs typically want to burrow in their shell at the idea of being in the spotlight. But this eclipse makes you want to do the opposite. The full moon (your ruling “planet”) happens in Scorpio on April 23, prompting deep introspection. This is the time you make a game plan to raise your voice about something that matters to you. It also helps that Mercury leaves its retrograde two days later on the 25th, making it the optimal time to express yourself without holding back.


You’re pretty much amazing (OK, the best) at whatever you do. For a change, this eclipse in like-minded fire sign Aries opens you up to leaving your comfort zone. Since the sun, your ruler, is also in Aries when the eclipse occurs, you will be ready to feel a bit uncomfortable if the trade-off is learning something new.

By the time the full moon happens in Sagittarius on May 23, you can look back on the different things you tried—and reflect on how much you’ve grown.


As a hardworking sign, you’re used to flying solo. But this eclipse may inspire you to partner up. On April 21, Juno (an asteroid representing balance and partnership) enters your sign. This astrological event may make you one-half of a duo (either with a friend or a crush).

And with Mercury leaving its retrograde on April 25, you’ll get closer with that person. When Venus enters Taurus on April 29, you’ll be confident to express what they really mean to you.


You’re usually easygoing, but this eclipse challenges you to examine how much you hold back in relationships. Shy about sharing ideas? Nervous to speak up on topics that matter to you? Right before the eclipse, Venus (your ruling planet) also enters fiery Aries, catapulting you into action.

Your words might get clunky at times (Mercury will be in retrograde until April 25), but you’ll feel empowered to say what you feel, even if it throws off the balance for a minute.


You love to analyze other people. But this eclipse will bring the toughest nut to crack into focus: you. When the full moon happens in your sign on April 23, you might realize that the things you criticize in someone else are what you like the least about yourself.

When Pluto (your ruling planet) goes retrograde in Aquarius on May 2, you’ll plunge into self-discovery—and emerge from this experience knowing more about the main character who matters most.


Although you’re an adventure-seeker, this eclipse urges you to stay put—which could make life even more interesting in the long run. When the eclipse occurs, both the sun and Venus are in Aries, making you feel antsy. Notice where you’re overstretched and where you can pare down.

By the time the full moon happens on May 23 and Jupiter, your ruling planet, enters Gemini on May 25, you’ll have a better sense of what you want to spend the most time on.


This eclipse is all about gaining confidence that you deserve everything on your vision board. So when the sun enters Taurus on April 19, take stock of everything you know you do well.

Ceres (an asteroid associated with self-reflection) going retrograde in your sign on May 15 will help you notice where you feel the most self-conscious about your abilities so that you can acknowledge those insecurities, move on and truly shoot for the stars.


Aquarius is the truest “march to the beat of your own drum” sign. And yet, this eclipse will have you wondering if you *really* know yourself. The biggest shake-up happens on May 2, when Pluto (the ruler of transformation) goes retrograde. You start questioning things and feel the need to try something new.

(Psst: Wait until Mercury retrograde ends on April 25 for your boldest moves, just to be safe. Maybe nothing will stick. Or, perhaps, everything will.)


Free-spirited Pisces is defined by dreams and creativity. But this eclipse is serving up the motivation to focus and wrap up a big project. Whether it’s a novel, song, painting or just cleaning out your closet, a total solar eclipse in go-getter Aries is just the nudge you need.

Until April 30, Mars (the planet of action) is also in your sign, giving you the follow-through to confront whatever hurdles you’re facing so you can finally finish what you started.

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by Lily Johnson | 4/8/2024