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A winter activity for every star sign

From cozying up with mugs of hot cocoa to having skating competitions with your besties, winter comes with *tons* of possibilities for how to spend your spare time. But that also means it can be tough to decide which winter activities to choose from. Not sure where to start? It's time to look to the stars for a winter activity that's *totes* compatible with your sign. 

Aries: Host a gingerbread house competition

There's nothing an Aries loves more than a little healthy competition. Bake some gingerbread, mix up some frosting and break out the M&Ms, because it's time for a gingerbread-making contest. You can get the whole group chat in on it!

Taurus: Curl up on the couch with a hot chocolate

The best way to spend a gloomy winter day? Curling up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa. Tauruses can never get enough self-care time, and nothing says self-care more than a toasty drink and some well-deserved "you" time. Cozy? Check!

Gemini: Go on a winter hike

Geminis are *always* down for an adventure, no matter the temperature. Now's the time to throw on your super cute puffer and layer up your socks, because the hiking trails are calling. Stay warm out there, babes!

Cancer: Make a DIY snow globe

Even if there's no snow falling outside, you can make some of your own inside a handmade snow globe. Cancers are totes the creative type, so now is your moment to shine. You only need a few ingredients (including glitter, ofc) to put together a dreamy winter scene.

Leo: Throw a holiday party

Leos love to party, and there's no better excuse to get all your besties together than the holidays. Pick out your sparkliest outfit, put on your Midnights record and dance the night away. It's also totally the time to break out your most iconic karaoke tracks.

Virgo: Knit or crochet a gift for your bestie

Now that you've *finally* finished your Harry Styles cardigan, now is the perfect time to use your knitting skills for some holiday-themed projects! Virgos are totally resourceful, so why buy a pair of gloves when you can make them yourself? Sounds like the *perfect* present for you BFF.

Libra: Make handwritten holiday cards 

Libra, you're practically the epitome of wholesome. Friendly and generous, Libras are always thinking of others. That's why your perf winter activity is writing adorable and super sweet handwritten holiday cards to all your friends and fam. Trust us, they'll sooo appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Scorpio: Volunteer

Scorpios are intensely passionate about the things they care about—and that's exactly why giving back to the community is the perf winter activity for you. As a high achiever, you never give less than 100 percent. Whether you choose to help out at your local soup kitchen or tutor a neighbor, we're sure that you'll brighten someone's life! 

Saggitarius: Make an end-of-year scrapbook

As the year comes to a close, now is the perfect time to make a scrapbook recapping your fave moments from the year. Use photos, magazine cutouts and anything else that reminds you of happy moments from the year. Your passion and creativity make this activity right up your alley.

Capricorn: Bake

Tbh, Capricorns give off total mom-friend energy (in the best way possible). You're patient and hardworking, so it's time to put those skills to use with some baking! We see lots of delish sugar cookies in your near future...

Aquarius: Redecorate your room for winter 

As a unique and artistic Aquarius, we can guess that you love having a cozy and artsy bedroom! It's time to give it a winter revamp—and whether you add fairy lights or opt for a photo wall, your room will be your safe haven from the winter chill.

Pisces: Go on a drive to admire the holiday lights 

Sensitive, gracious and a deep thinker, Pisces tend to enjoy the little things. One of these beautiful little things? The gorgeous holiday lights that sparkle and light up almost every street during the holiday szn. This is your sign to get out there and take it all in, Pisces!

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by Eva Mandelbaum and Aubrey Rhoadarmer | 12/21/2022