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We found the crystal every star sign needs rn

Trendy, fun, aesthetic and quite possibly magical: Welcome to the world of crystals. Much like astrology, these multi-faceted gems are enjoying a resurgence right now. Besides just looking adorable on a necklace or prettying up your desk decor, crystals are also believed to hold different properties, from absorbing negative vibes to increasing confidence.

Carrying, wearing or keeping a crystal close to you during a challenging time (say, Mercury retrograde) can protect you against bad energy and reduce the effects of the sky’s chaos. Think of it as a little force field that helps you tune into your truest self—and bring that self comfortably into the universe.

So with spooky season upon us, have no fear: Just reach for the crystal that your sun/rising/moon sign needs at this moment (or simply snag whichever stone speaks loudest to you).


Your lucky crystal: Bloodstone

Best for: Clarity

For a fast-moving fire sign, creative blocks can be draining. Bloodstone is associated with courage and commitment to the choices you’ve made, helping clear your mind to make decisions that feel authentic. It can be something as big as narrowing your list of prospective colleges or as small as picking a project in arts elective. Bloodstone helps you figure out what you want—and stay the course through moments of self-doubt.


Your lucky crystal: Pyrite

Best for: Increasing abundance and new opportunities

Pyrite is believed to block negative vibes and is perfect for giving you a much-needed recharge when school feels tedious. As a result, you’re more likely to make rational decisions, leading to rewards later on. It can also help you find alternate solutions to problems. If parts of your day are overwhelming, consider where you feel stretched thin and take action to avoid burnout. Pyrite is on your side.


Your lucky crystal: Red Jasper

Best for: Speaking truth

Geminis can feel torn about what they really want vs. what others want for them. Red jasper can help you figure out what *you* actually think. Use it when you suspect you already know the answer but worry about disappointing others. Whether it’s telling your parents you don’t want to keep playing soccer or skipping a questionable party, you’ll feel empowered when you start being more honest with others—and yourself.


Your lucky crystal: Angelite

Best for: Calming yourself

As a Cancer, conflict or confrontation can make you want to withdraw, but sometimes there is no other choice but to speak your truth. Psyche-soothing angelite can help you relax before (and after) those tough sitches, be it an inevitable bae breakup or a difficult-but-necessary discussion with a friend. Plus, when you’re calmer, you’re more confident and concise—making it easier to express yourself without losing your cool.


Your lucky crystal: Tiger's Eye

Best for: Busting bad energy

Believed to have been worn by Roman soldiers before battle, tiger’s eye keeps negativity at bay. As a show-stopping Leo, you attract a lot of attention—and, on occasion, jealousy or resentment. Frenemy wants to knock you down a peg? Tiger’s eye can help you feel more secure if your sense of self has been rattled, keeping you in touch with your best qualities (as well as reminding you of all the people in your life who only want the best for you).


Your lucky crystal: Carnelian

Best for: Confidence

Virgos are notorious for working themselves into full burnout. Obviously, a crystal can’t magically restore you if you aren’t sleeping enough or eating well, but it *can* help you remember how important those things are. Carnelian is about boosting physical and emotional wellness, prompting you to prioritize rest and self-care. The bonus? When you cut yourself some slack, you may find yourself feeling your most powerful yet.


Your lucky crystal: Moonstone

Best for: New beginnings

As a Libra, you’re at your happiest when everything is as harmonious as possible. Moonstone increases your perception tenfold, whether it’s observing people’s unspoken feelings or identifying hidden opportunities. Whatever is causing imbalance, moonstone allows you to see and address it. Feeling lonely? Moonstone gives you the push to create new connections. In a rut? It helps you assess everything through wiser, calmer eyes.


Your lucky crystal: Citrine

Best for: Finding the positive in negative situations

Scorpios are known for calling out uncomfortable truths others would rather ignore. But that can take a toll, leaving you feeling like everyone’s a little against you. Sometimes, the answer really is as simple as a perspective shift—and citrine can help. Associated with a glass-half-full attitude, it encourages excitement about your own abilities to change your life...and pushes others to feel the same.


Your lucky crystal: Rose Quartz

Best for: Relationship repair

Sag’s spontaneity and sharp humor can draw people in, but it can also cause conflict: One quip can go in like an archer’s arrow, pushing a friend away. Rose quartz is here to help—it represents a gentle kind of love, the sort that opens your heart and mind beyond any initial defensiveness. It’s the perfect stone to clasp before a hard conversation, setting the intention of seeing the best in the other person and finding a way forward together.


Your lucky crystal: Hematite

Best for: Grounding

Capricorns are defined by their dreams, their hard work to reach them and their habit of always finding new goals to strive for. While the rewards are nice, the process of getting there can induce burnout. Hematite pulls you back into your own body, helping you breathe and remember that taking a break can work wonders. It also provides mental clarity, which flows back the moment you finally hit that pause button.


Your lucky crystal: Green Jade

Best for: Manifesting big, daunting changes

You have a knack for envisioning a beautiful future, whether it’s how the world should be or how you want your life to look. Taking the steps to get there, however, can be intimidating. Green jade helps you create the life you want—even when you doubt your own fortitude. It also increases your trust in others: After all, that one friend you confide in might be exactly the support you need to get to the finish line.


Your lucky crystal: Amethyst

Best for: Handling emotions

As a Pisces, you generally embrace your feelings (good and bad) because you believe you can learn something valuable from them. But sometimes, these emotions linger longer than we want or need them to. Amethyst is definitely eye-catching, but it’s irresistible for another reason: its calming abilities. Highly associated with stress relief and peacefulness, amethyst can even out your emotions and help you find balance.

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by Lily Johnson | 10/30/2023