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How to plan a birthday bash for your perfectionist Virgo bestie

Happy Virgo season! Virgo girlies are characteristically organized and detail-oriented. When it comes to hosting their birthday celebration, you don't want them to be bothered by an imperfect party. Bc they deserve the very best. 

Further proof? Your Virgo bestie is in good company– among girls like our previous cover stars Ariana Greenblatt and Shay Rudolph, as well as the unfailingly best-dressed Zendaya. If the task to impress feels insurmountable to you, don't fret: We have all the know-how on throwing a birthday bash that will meet these ah-mazing girls' standards. 

Tip 1: Details, details, details

Overall, details are the most important aspect of this birthday extravaganza. Make sure to put in as much care and thought into the party elements as you can. Try and incorporate some specific sentimental nods to the person and your friendship. Your creativity and familiarity with the birthday girl will come in handy here, but you could go for references to inside jokes through the decor or celebrations of niche parts of their personality or interests through the festivities.

Even down to the playlist, try and curate a set of songs you know they love (or check this out to know which singer they should totally be listening to). Your gifts should reflect this thoughtfulness, too. If you're still not sure of the level of detail we're suggesting, we mean, (exemplary Virgo) Blake-Lively-at-the-Met-Gala-level. 

Tip 2: Just send that "what's everyone wearing" text

You certainly don't want all the birthday bash attendees to look like they're headed to different events. You can also establish a theme to make your celebration all the more put-together. 


Tip 3: Ornate desserts

You may want to opt for a cake (or any dessert for that matter) that likens a work of art to really impress the Virgo celebrant. A cake decorated with artistry and precision will be *perfect* for these perfectionists. 


Tip 4: Make an itinerary 

Meticulously map the day out (i.e. know when you're picking up the cake, plan out the activities for the day, make a dinner reservation—you get the point). Pro tip: Print out your itinerary and schedule of activities on lovely stationery for each of your guests. The aim of this celebration is organizational *and* cute.

Also, don't forget to be punctual! Your Virgo bestie is probably one of your most dependable and well-grounded friends, so return the favor for their special day. 


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by Kayla Conroy | 8/23/2023