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How to host a Leo birthday party this August

Calling all Leo ladies! Your birthday is *all* about you, so it has to be fabulous. Huge traits of Leos are confidence, ambition, luxury and being the center of attention—and if you're a Leo, you obviously need a party that showcases your best qualities. Here's how to throw the perfect zodiac-inspired bash...

1. The invites 

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This is where your guests get the memo that this party is gonna be glamorous, so obviously, the invites have to be sparkling. Glitter is key: Grab some cardstock, jot down the deets, spread a thin layer of glue around the edges (we heart a clear glue stick) and then sprinkle glitter in your fave color. If you want to make sure everyone matches your vibe, make a dress code for the party and put it on the invitations. Maybe everyone wears sequins, gold or even yellow for the summer. Add some sparkly scrapbook stickers (find 'em at your craft store) or doodles of Leo-related things like fire, lions, the sun or anything else that captures you and your vibrant personality. 

2. The decor 


Decor is key to establishing your Leo theme. If you love luxury and all things glam, reach for sleek golds and tons of sequins: think disco balls, metallic streamers and maybe even a red carpet to make a grand entrance. If you're less into the glitz and glam but still a confident and ambitious Leo, the lion theme is perfect for you. Crowns, fire and lions represent power, confidence and fierceness. For this think cheetah print, oranges, pinks and definitely a crown to wear all night. Balloons are a must (these ones on Etsy are *adorable*.)

3. The playlist


The songs set the tone! Think of your favorite tunes or artists that make you feel powerful and vibrant, and put them together to form the perfect playlist for your party. Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Rhianna are some powerful female musicians with perfect party anthems. You can also add songs from Leo artists to mix things up a bit such, as Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato and Jennifer Lopez.

4. The food & drink


Chocolate-covered strawberries and pretzels are perfect finger foods that are sweet but still elegant. To add your Leo touch to them, dust some edible glitter on top. Mini sandwiches scream tea party royalty and are easy for guests to quickly snack on. Add some Leo-themed skewers to keep everything together.

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by Jillian Morse | 8/1/2023