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How your star sign makes a new best friend

No matter how tight you are with your current crew, the new school year (and the universe) always seem to give you the opp to make new friends. 

Maybe you're in totally different classes from your girls. Maybe you moved to a new school and have no idea who to sit with at lunch. Or maybe you're just outgrowing your friend group and want to meet people who excite you in new ways.

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Making friends is one of those things that's always easier to reflect on after it's happened. But when you're actively thinking about striking up a convo with someone you barely know, it can be easy to second-guess yourself. What if you're forcing a friendship? What if you're not being outgoing enough? Should you double text? 

Astrology can help figure out the comfiest, most natural way for you to make a new bestie—and know who matches your vibe. There are so many different friendship dynamics and ways for people to come together. Here's how to find yours...

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An emboldened fire sign, you're down to flat-out ask a new pal to hang as soon as you realize you two click. Even if you just met, you'd rather not waste time having 25 more short convos before inviting them over. Your directness is something your soon-to-be BFF admires in you (they might've been too shy to go for it themselves!).

Astrobestie: Gemini. You like people who are just as enthusiastic as you are, and Geminis deliver. They'll never make you feel like you're asking to chat or chill too much.


Earth signs deeply value personal space—so adding to your inner circle is a serious matter. You're not a fan of awkward first hangouts, even for a few hours, so you prefer to meet new people through friends and fam. That way you can gradually get to know them (with your go-to's close by).

Astrobestie: Scorpio. You like a pal who's just as protective of their time, energy and feelings as you are. Scorpios 1,000% get that (and can also probe you to open up a little more sometimes).


One-on-one hangouts can feel like a lot of pressure—that's why you prefer just inviting a newbie to your crew and seeing what happens. You don't worry too much about who will mesh well with whom because you know, ultimately, that's on other people to sort out. You know expanding your circle is always worth it in the end.

Astrobestie: Sagittarius. Sags' adventurous vibes help them to stay open and say yes to new things, which matches your go-getter energy perfectly.


Cancers are the type to take things reeeeal slow. While you might feel initial remorse at taking a bit longer to realize your new best friend was right there in front of you this whole time, you'll know them so well by then that you'll feel even more secure in your newfound best friendship.

Astrobestie: Aquarius. Being a sensitive, humanitarian sign, Aquarius is great at noticing when you're down (or when they've kind of hurt your feelings) without you having to always explain yourself at length.


As a spotlight-driven fire sign, you're most likely to fully jump into an established friend group (with zero fear, natch). It's no easy feat—longtime crews tend to have history and not always let in new folks as easily. But tbh, with your outgoing, generous nature, you can win *anyone* over.

Astrobestie: Libra. Libra's balanced personality keeps the crew at peace, while your energetic nature gets everyone excited to hang out. Together, you're the glue that keeps the squad close.


A busybody who feels happiest with a packed schedule, you meet friends through clubs or extracurrics where you can build bonds while accomplishing a shared goal (and you celebrate your success together, too!).

Astrobestie: Pisces. Pisces is the kind of outside-the-box thinker who genuinely inspires you when you work together. They're the ones you're most likely to get into long convos with, whether you're both hanging on the bench after practice or staying late to finish a set piece.


You're diplomatic enough to stay friends (or even become besties) with an ex. You smartly cut ties with the ones you know you'll just fall for again, but the exes who become lifelong friends? You feel grateful to have them as your BFFs, regardless of what it took to get there.

Astrobestie: Aries. You like Aries' direct energy in contrast to your sometimes hesitant nature. It might have been a little hard in a romantic setting, but as friends? You love a bestie who says it like it is.


Scorpios can seem closed off, but it comes from a place of not wanting to get hurt. Your best friend might be someone you judge at first, but once you get to know them, you not only learn who they truly are—you love them for all the things you used to think were meh.

Astrobestie: Capricorn. You can easily misjudge them as self-serious and too straightforward, but they end up being some of the most consistent, honest and fascinating people you know.


Sags are the sign most open to connecting on social media. You're not shy about adding a new classmate on Snap or texting them hilarious memes as you're getting to know each other. And you become friends with those who send you an equally ridiculous TikTok in response.

Astrobestie: Virgo. Just as you feel like your mind's all over the place, Virgo grounds you and gives you the reality check you crave. (They're also the pal who'll politely remind you to, ahem, put your phone away when you're together.) 


You can get so busy that old besties fall by the wayside. When you finally get some downtime, you hit them up, excited to fill them in on everything that's happened since you last connected (and promise yourself to not let your friendship slip away next time).

Astrobestie: Cancer. Cancers are the kind of calm, sensitive pals who you can pick things up with as if no time has passed. They won't judge you as much for flaking on texts (because they recognize they did the same!).


You bond with people who come to you for help and support. An acquaintance you didn't know very well can become a lifelong bud after they confide in you or ask for your advice before a big decision—and you, in turn, can grow closer by confiding in them, too.

Astrobestie: Leo. While you show your love helping others (sometimes in invisible ways), a Leo is a great, outwardly generous friend to have. They can teach you to celebrate yourself more—and they love to pump you up.


Your fave conversations open your mind and inspire you. You're the type to go to a party and spend most of the time talking to one person in a corner, forgetting everyone else around you. Clicking with someone new is the best possible outcome of any social gathering.

Astrobestie: Taurus. A Taurus can seem a bit reserved at first, but once you get them talking, you'll find out you two have freakishly similar tastes in music, movies and well, just about everything else.

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by Lily Johnson | 8/22/2022